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by Sarah Jordan posted Sep 30 2014 9:09AM
Seriously how gorgeous is George Clooney and his new wife! Her dress...AMAZING!
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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Sep 30 2014 7:10AM
  News from the Magic Mike XXL set in Savannah, Georgia. Channing Tatum showing off his fabulous arms , moving furniture on the set. Michael Strahan is on board for the sequel and they've released a few plot details. Three years after the first movie ends, the guys make plans to go out in style with one last blow-out performance in Myrtle Beach. To read more and see more photos, CLICK HERE:

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Sep 30 2014 6:36AM
Maroon 5 just released their new video for Animals and wow! There's a lot of Adam Levine and a lot of his wife here too. What do you think?

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Sep 30 2014 5:53AM
Aretha Franklin covered Adele's Rolling In the Deep for her next album. WHEW!!!! Who sang it better? I think this is a toss up. 

by George Lindsey posted Sep 28 2014 7:54AM
This horse may NOT be a Derby winner, but here in Kentucky we appreciate the spirit!  

Watch this dance off between horse and girl to put a smile on your face!

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by Coffee Talk posted Sep 28 2014 7:49AM
This week's coffee coffee talk is all about Fall Clothes...what to wear, what to ditch!

The ultimate under $100 guide to fall trends

Fall Fashion 2014: What To Get Rid Of To Make Room In Your Closet

Pin of the week: FALL NAIL POLISHES

  Recipe of the Week: Healthier versions of comfort foods you love!
by Lambert & Lindsey posted Sep 26 2014 7:16AM
This has Lynda rolling this morning. If you're a mom you know how this mom feels all too well. If you're not a mom, it's still pretty darn funny!

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Sep 26 2014 6:18AM
On Thursday Cincinnati Bengals Defensive tackle Devon Still’s daughter underwent sugery to remove a cancerous tumor. Before Miss Leah checked into the hospital, dad delivered an incredibly sweet  “pre-surgery pep talk” that he posted to Instagram.

UPDATE: After a 5hr 50 min surgery, the surgeon was able to remove ALL of her tumor. 

by Sarah Jordan posted Sep 24 2014 11:45AM
Have you seen Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln commercial? It's a litte odd, so of course, Ellen Degeneres re-did the commercial putting herself in it!
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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Sep 24 2014 8:33AM

It's fall and pumpkin spice is in the air - EVERYWHERE! Pumpkin spice Oreos, Pop Tarts, even Pringles. We love a good pumpkin spice latte as much as the next person, but if you buy one regularly from Starbucks, it gets expensive - and you're overloading on sugar, fat and extra calories. So, we found an alternative recipe that you can make at home. It takes a little more time than walking up to the counter and ordering from your favorite barista, but we think it's worth it!

Here's the scoop: takes about 15 minutes, tastes very similar to SB's version without putting you in a sugar coma and there are a couple of shortcuts we used to streamline the process. You do not have to use whole spices - ground spices that you have in your cabinet will work just as well. To get the recipe (compliments of The Today Show) CLICK HERE

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