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by George Lindsey posted Aug 29 2014 5:02AM
What happens when you have a famous mom??? 

Molly Ringwald's daughter decided to have some fun with it recently while they were at Target school shopping.  Mathilda, 11, posed next to her mom's picture and recreated the famous pose from "16 Candles"...cute!  Now, we just hoping she doen't wind up in the BREAKFAST CLUB.

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Aug 28 2014 12:00PM
If Jiff the Pomeranian looks familiar, it's because he's starred in commercials for Target and Banana Republic and he appeared in the video for Katy Perry's "Dark Horse." Jiff can crawl, walk backwards, roll up in a blanket like a burrito and even ride a skateboard. He has just been inducted in the Guinness World Records for fastest dog on two paws. He's been practicing for months!

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by Sarah Jordan posted Aug 28 2014 9:40AM
Kids really do say the darndest things, especially this little boy! His mom reveals that she is pregnant for a 3rd time and he is NOT happy about it!
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by Sarah Jordan posted Aug 28 2014 9:26AM
Grab a tissue...due to the help of strangers, this terminally ill 5 year old boy was able to complete his bucket list. CLICK HERE TO VISIT HIS FACEBOOK PAGE!
Dozens of caring strangers are working together to turn one boy's wishes into reality. Five-year-old Liam Myrick was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at the age of three, and has been bravely fighting the cancer ever since. 
"He's had 14 rounds of chemo, intravenously; he's had nine major surgeries, two bone marrow transplants," his mother Shawna Myrick told 10News
Unfortunately, doctors are worried the boy might not make it to his next birthday. Throughout all the highs and lows, the Myricks of Houston, Missouri, have kept family and friends updated on Liam's progress and unwavering optimism through the Facebook page Miracle Boy 4 a Cure

It was this page that caught the eye of California philanthropist and three-time cancer survivor Rick Pantele several years ago. Once he heard news of Liam's limited time, Pantele contacted the family and asked what he could do. The Myricks mentioned Liam had always wanted to swim in the ocean, so Pantele started creating the California dream vacation. 

The philanthropist reached out to local businesses and quickly arranged a two-week trip to the West Coast for the family. The getaway includes a beachside condo, visit to Legoland, plenty of delicious food and a trip to the desert. In addition to his own contribution, Pantele also created a Go Fund Me page to encourage others to donate to Liam's dreams and contribute to his mounting medical bills. Overall, the campaign hopes to raise $50,000. READ THE FULL STORY FROM PEOPLE MAGAZINE HERE!

Thank you to the help of strangers for making this little boy's dreams come true! That is why this is our Wild Eggs Good Egg of the Day story.

by Sarah Jordan posted Aug 28 2014 9:11AM
Congratulations to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie who secretly got married last weekend!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were married Saturday in France, a spokesman for the couple says!

After nine years together and six children together, the couple has finally made their family official!

Jolie and Pitt tied the knot during a private ceremony attended by family and friends in a small chapel. Keeping with the traditions of a nondenominational civil ceremony, the pair obtained a marriage license from a local California judge and had another one conducted the ceremony in France.

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Aug 28 2014 6:01AM
Oh how we wish the Friends would just cave in and do a reunion. Until they do, these mini reunions will have to do. Props to Kimmel for writing off the boys due to a monkey bite.

Bonus: Someone is finally making a Central Perk in NYC this fall Check it out HERE

by Sarah Jordan posted Aug 27 2014 12:39PM
Even cartoons are doing it! Homer Simpson takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!
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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Aug 27 2014 7:21AM
According to Huffington Post, a Full House Reboot could be in the works and MOST of the cast is down for it. Uncle Jesse, John Stamos is taking the charge along with several producers. The only hold outs right now look like the Olsen Twins (Michelle) and Lori Loughlin (Aunt Becky). Lori hasn't been as "Pro Reboot" in past interviews but there's always a hope. 

Just in case you were wondering how Uncle Jesse has aged. Check out this pic that John Stamos posted on his Instagram. HAVE MERCY! 


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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Aug 27 2014 7:06AM
We'll be honest. There is nothing more awkward than watching someone taking a selfie. Especially when that person is your daughter. Have you caught your kids taking selfies?

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