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by Sarah Jordan posted Jul 31 2014 10:00AM
So his wife didn't want to take maternity photos, so he took it upon himself to do it himself instead. Is the result sweet or offensive?
His Wife Didn’t Want Maternity Photos, So He Snapped Some Of His Beer Belly Instead (Photos)
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by Sarah Jordan posted Jul 31 2014 9:50AM
Your daily dose of happy!  It seems that bath time for your toddler doesn't have to be such a struggle. That is, if your pet dog is willing to pitch in. Briana Figueras recorded her family's 3-year-old pit bull, Gemma, smothering her 10-month-old son, Elliott, with kisses — and the giggles that ensued are adorable. READ THE FULL STORY HERE!
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by Sarah Jordan posted Jul 30 2014 2:04PM
COMFY COW! GET IN OUR BELLY'S! compiled a list of the 27 Ice Cream Shops you need to visit in the world before you die and...COMFY COW IS #2! Mad props to Comfy Cow!

2. The Comfy Cow — Louisville, Ky.


Why we’re screaming: Where do we even begin? Maybe with the mouth-watering signature flavors, like Bourbon Ball, which features candy treats in a bourbon-infused ice cream? Or maybe with the INSANE ice cream pies? You can’t go wrong either way. Bonus: The Comfy Cow has an Indiana location in addition to its four Louisville storefronts.


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by Sarah Jordan posted Jul 30 2014 10:56AM
This week's Wild Eggs Good Egg of the day is... the continuing story of BATKID! Last November  San Francisco transformed into Gotham City so a little boy with leukemia could be Batkid for a day. Batkid made such an impact that he’ll be getting his own documentary. “Batkid Begins” takes a look at what went into making five-year-old Miles Scott’s dream come true and why it struck a chord with so many people. The film will be released in select theaters on November 15 and quite possibly  restore your faith in humanity. READ THE FULL STORY HERE!

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 30 2014 7:01AM
This little girl's reaction that her brother will grow up is kind of funny but she is really ugly crying! Don't know if that would fly in our house hahaha.

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 29 2014 8:30AM
When you fly, are you always the person who sits next to the fussy toddler? Or maybe there's a six year old behind you, kicking your seat for the entire flight. Richard Branson wants to start a "Kids Class" on his Virgin Airlines.

Parents would be able to enjoy their flight and so would other people on the plane who are not flying with kids. Children would be "tucked away" in their own area, complete with caregivers supplied by the airline. Branson says he's running into objections from the Civil Aviation Authority. The Authority is worried that in the event of a disaster, children would be running one direction and their parents in the other.

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 29 2014 7:36AM
Short and Tall Businessmen
Theres a new survey done by (They would know about these things after all) that says that men who are Taller than 5'10 are twice as likely to cheat. We think it's because women are just attracted to taller guys so there are more options and temptations for taller men.

Read more about it here (SFW)
by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 29 2014 6:49AM
It's no big secret that Once Upon A Time is doing a Frozen story line with all the characters including Prince Hans who will be played by Shameless  star Tyler Jacob Moore.  He is scheduled to appear in the 3rd episode of the season. Read more about this latest casting choice and the rest of the cast HERE
by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 28 2014 8:00AM
They just keep teasing us with these "Teaser Trailers". Everyone of these trailers gets us more and more excited! Katniss utters just a few words but we feel them in this one. Are you excited for Mocking Jay Part 1?

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 28 2014 6:55AM

Dog is so excited he passes out! Can't say we've been this excited before but this is so cute! 

This little girl defy's gravity! Ok so she just really has a good grip on this carnival ride.

This puppy finds a new best friend. This may be the cutest of the 3 videos. This little puppy finds a new friend and a place to sleep with this baby. Both are cute on their own but together, prepare for cuteness overload! 

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