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by Lambert & Lindsey posted May 31 2014 6:01PM
Jesse and some of the Max staff "ran" the 5k Foam Fest and had a blast! This was seriously a great event. See next time we say we're going to do something you should join us! We bring the fun. 

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by Coffee Talk posted May 29 2014 5:02PM
This week’s episode of Coffee Talk is about Mommy Time Management, and the struggle of full time working moms and stay at home moms!

Here is the video that has been trending this week from a stay at home mom that struggles finding time for friends!



And here's the Pin Of The Week! "10 Tips To Manage Stress"

by Lambert & Lindsey posted May 29 2014 8:24AM

Do you avoid online shopping because you have to try clothes on in a store to make sure it fits properly? Well, a new website called Sizable features models of all different sizes and shapes and is geared toward helping women find the right fit without having to go to the store.

The site was launched last week and was founded by Melbourne based fashion writer Larissa Thorne, who became frustrated after getting fed up with online shopping. She said, “When shopping online I could be anything from a size eight to a size 12. You look at a model [on a clothes website] who is a size eight and you have no idea if that’s going to fit you or look good on you."
This seems like a great idea. Would you like more clothing sites to follow suit? 
by Lambert & Lindsey posted May 28 2014 8:16AM

New survey out says that 1 and 3 Americans have not worn a bathing suit in more than 5 years if ever!


According to a new survey, 7% of Americans haven't worn a swimsuit in public in at least FIVE YEARS.


20% haven't worn one in public in 10 years.


And 5% have NEVER worn one in public.


That's one out of three people who haven't worn a bathing suit in public since 2009. 

Why do you think we, as American's have such body image issues? They have social media, they have "The Media" in other countries. What's our hang up?

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted May 28 2014 8:11AM
Kim Kardashian spent $5000 on toe liposuction so she could fit into her Christian Louboutin's for her wedding to Kanye. You can read the entire article here.

And speaking of toes, this is just...unbelievable. 

by Brad Bell posted May 27 2014 2:16PM

A study by reveals that Spring cleaning (3,655 calories) burns more calories than running a marathon (between 2,500 and 3,500 calories)

Chore Calories

Vacuuming (1 hour) 238 calories

Dusting (2 hours) 340 calories (170cl per hour)

Emptying, cleaning, repacking cupboards (4 hours) 952 calories (238cl per hour)

Scrubbing the floor (1 hour) 258 calories

Climbing up and down loft (20 mins) 181 calories (544cl per hour)

Turning mattresses and making beds (1 hour) 136 calories

Moving heavy furniture (2 hours) 476 calories (238cl per hour)

Cleaning windows (3 hours) 612 calories (204cl per hour)

Cleaning external doors (1 hour) 204 calories

Deep clean bathrooms (1hour) 258 calories

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by Aimee Jewell posted May 24 2014 12:26PM
Hey guys! 

First off, HAPPY THREE DAY WEEKEND!!!! I could not be more excited for this weekend, since I just finished up my  summer class. WHO'S READY TO PARTY?!?!

Speaking of partying, if you're headed to a Memorial Day party or the lake this weekend where you don't get reception to listen to the AWESOME One-Hit Wonder Weekend on The Max and you're not wanting to play DJ, check out my Spotify playlist. These are all my favorite songs right now, and this will be on repeat on my phone allllll weekend long while I'm down here at Lake Nolin. Check it out on Spotify! Search "Aimee Jewell" on Spotify and you'll find a picture of me making a funny face. Enjoy! 

Also, if you're headed out to a Memorial Day Cook-out, be sure to check out our Pinterest page for some awesome flag-themed recipes to ensure that you'll be the hit of the party. Check 'em out at :) If you've got extras of anything, just let me know and I'll be happy to take them off your hands. 
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by Sarah Jordan posted May 23 2014 11:09AM
GRAB A TISSUE! A bride was distraught the day before her wedding, wishing that her brother, an active duty Marine, was able to make it home for her wedding. At the last minute, he was given a one-day leave and surprised her on her wedding day! THE FULL STORY HERE!
by Coffee Talk posted May 23 2014 10:58AM
This week is all about body image! Pretty safe to say most women struggle with their body image daily, including Lynda and myself! I'm a new mom so I'm still struggling to get that pre baby body back!

Here are the links to the studies and trending stories we discussed!

Shocking Body-Image News: 97% of Women Will Be Cruel to Their Bodies Today

This Woman Wants To Change How All Of Us See Our Bodies

Here are our PINS OF THE WEEK!
by Lambert & Lindsey posted May 23 2014 1:54AM
For the purposes of this review I am going to talk about X-Men Days of Future Past from a NON-comic book reader’s perspective. If you’d like my comic book opinion hit me up on twitter, @JesseRas

First let me start out by answering a couple of questions:

Q: Do you have to have seen ALL of the X-Men movies to understand and enjoy this film?
A: No, the only one you really need to see is X-Men: First Class. Brian Singer does an excellent job of showing you the impact of the first 3 films without making them necessary to watch so if you jumped on the bandwagon with First Class, you’re ok!

Q: Is there an after credits scene and is it worth staying for?
A: Yes there is at the very end but unless you read the comics or have at least seen the 90’s cartoon, you won’t get it.

X-Men Days of Future Past was an epic undertaking because it bridges the original franchise and the reboot together into one almost seamless world. We start off in the future with some impressive mutant/sentinel fight scenes that really pull you in but also let you know that they are paying for the sins of the past in a big way. One thing I was worried about was the time travel aspect of the film. After all Wolverine is being sent back in time to fix a mistake. The “rules” of time travel and the basic plot are spelled out very simply in the beginning and they move on making the rest of the movie easy to follow along with.

There are many familiar faces among the X-men but also several new ones. Most notably is the appearance of Quicksilver. His brief sequence in the movie and comic relief stole the show. The audience at my early screening applauded that scene. Jennifer Lawrence was good. This was not her best acting job although she looked AMAZING and had a lot of action sequences. Hugh Jackman and James McAvoy were phenomenal! The scenes they had together really carried the film.

Overall this is an epic movie and a great way to continue the summer blockbuster momentum started by Godzilla. It’s a fun summer movie that brought all of the fun from the original Bryan Singer X-Men Movies but still managed to keep some of the realism and social commentary brought forth in the X-Men First Class film. I give it a 4.5 out of 5. A must see for the summer.


For those wondering if the events in X3 did occur in this movie, the answer is yes. This is touched upon by a couple of flashbacks. They did an excellent job dealing with that mess except THEY NEVER EXPLAIN HOW THE PROFESSOR IS STILL ALIVE! He seemed to die in X3 but here he is alive and well. It’s not a deal breaker for the film but it is a huge plot hole that bugs me. The best part about this movie was that by the end of it, X3 never happened! That abomination of a film has been stricken from the timeline and the world is better for it!  
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