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by Jesse Rasmussen posted Jan 30 2014 8:10AM
by Jesse Rasmussen posted Jan 30 2014 6:26AM

The Super Bowl commercial that was supposed unite Danny, Joey, and Jesse and was kind of a let down. This however is about as close to a Full House Reunion that we will get and it is FANTASTIC! 

What do you think?
by Brad Bell posted Jan 29 2014 3:13PM
This is the Monte Cristo Burger at Umami Burger in LA.  It features a beef patty, prosciutto, gruyere fondue, a vanilla custard-soaked deep fried bun with powdered sugar and maple syrup.  I will have 2 please!!!  Would you try it at least??

by Jesse Rasmussen posted Jan 29 2014 8:26AM
Samantha Lamb and Andrew Lamb 

Samantha Lamb came to her husband's rescue when he needed a new kidney. Unfortunatly while she was recovering he dumped her. Samantha even found out that he had been cheating on her. She has filed for divorce and now she wants her kidney back! You can read more of the sorted story HERE 

What was the 1 thing you wanted to ask for when your relationship ended?
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by Jesse Rasmussen posted Jan 29 2014 7:47AM
Such a true professional. College kid comes running into the show and Jim doesn't even get flustered or break stride. I wouldn't be surprised if it comes out that Jim Cantore is Chuck Norris's 2nd cousin. Bravo! 

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by Jesse Rasmussen posted Jan 29 2014 7:31AM
Doesn't really matter why she's laughing because this will make you giggle too! But if you must know it's the dog eating popcorn. It's the little things in life! I dare you to watch this and not laugh!

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by Jesse Rasmussen posted Jan 28 2014 8:48AM
Guys you want to really make her happy? Work at least 50 hours a week. According to a new study by the University of Texas, the key to a happy marriage is a husband who works at least 50 hours a week.  Their theory WHY is surprisingly sexist though.  They believe when men work longer hours, it means they can afford a MAID . . . which makes their wife happy and gives her more time to exercise. 

And, I guess her healthy body makes both her and her husband happier?


The study also found the effect ISN'T reversed.  When a wife works at least 50 hours a week, it doesn't lead to a happier marriage . . . it only works when the MAN is putting in overtime. 

This is simply because men are like dogs (you heard me right), if you don't pet us every once in a while we will find someone else who will. 

Read more about it HERE

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by Jesse Rasmussen posted Jan 28 2014 8:39AM

A poor German Farmer was just trying to keep his cows safe and sound from the cold. So he packed them all up nice and cozy in his barn. All 90 of them just sitting around farting when, a static spark ignited it all and literally blew the roof off that place! 1 cow was treated for burns but all are expected to be fine.

So is their milk now pre-pasteurized? Don't you feel better now knowing you dont have to rebuild your barn because of a build up of Cow Farts?

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by Jesse Rasmussen posted Jan 28 2014 8:31AM
PHOTO: One of Crests toothpaste flavors from their new line "Be."

Crest is asking you to BE adventurous with its new, chocolate-flavored toothpaste, Mint Chocolate Trek ($4.99), which will hit stores the first week of February.

They are marketing the toothpaste as something for the adventurous and those with a sweet tooth. 

While chocolate flavored sounds good in theory, we have seen many attempts at this that have failed. General rule of thumb. If something is chocolate flavored, it probably tastes nothing like chocolate.

That being said we should reserve judgement until we try it but we're not optimisstic. Would you try this? What flavors would you want?

Read more HERE

by Jesse Rasmussen posted Jan 28 2014 7:38AM
true love bra

Let's be honest here. This is basically a chest chastity belt. The bra only opens via the front and works with an app that detects heartrates. When you meet "True Love" your heart rate is supposed to reach a certain range which will allow the bra to open. 

true love chart

This is exactly what we need, a harder to open bra. As if guys don't have enough of a problem with regular ones.

You can learn more via the video above or by reading HERE
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