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by Jesse Rasmussen posted Nov 27 2013 8:07AM
There's one person in every house who has a TERRIBLE time every Thanksgiving . . . the one who COOKS all day, and never gets thanked.  (Here's an AWESOME new version of "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus, in honor of all those unsung heroes. 

Thanks to our friends at Delicious Audio for this one!
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by Jessica Lee posted Nov 26 2013 11:23AM
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Do you think she went too far? 

Click on the pic for the full story
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by Lambert and Lindsey posted Nov 26 2013 9:00AM

Punch Royal
In a punch bowl or large pitcher, add:
8 ounces Chambord liqueur
8 ounces cranberry juice
2 750-ml bottles Korbel Brut California Champagne, chilled
Stir and garnish with fresh raspberries or blackberries, then serve immediately.
Note: For a dramatic look, use a small Bundt mold to freeze water and raspberries and float the ice with berries in the punch.

Beef Tenderloin Sandwiches with Horseradish Dijon Cream
If you do not have time to cook your own beef tenderloin, pick it up already cooked from your favorite market or the prepared food area of your local grocery store and have it sliced thick (¼-inch).  Place a slice or two of beef on a “slider” or mini hamburger bun and add the Horseradish Dijon Cream or serve it on the side.

Horseradish Dijon Cream
In a small bowl, combine:
1 cup sour cream or non-fat plain yogurt (preferably Greek-style)
¼ cup horseradish
2 tablespoons Dijon mustard
½ teaspoon Kosher salt
½ teaspoon black pepper

You can get Tim's new book (as well as his first one) at Amazon
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by Lambert and Lindsey posted Nov 26 2013 8:48AM

Adam Lambert (IN) and Josh Hutcherson (KY) were the men chosen by people for Indiana and Kentucky. No offense to these guys but I feel like they could have done better to represent our states. Suggestions? Here's the entire list too.

Alabama:  Channing Tatum

Alaska:  Mario Chalmers of the Miami Heat

Arizona:  Dierks Bentley

Arkansas:  Wes Bentley

California:  Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Colorado:  Don Cheadle

Connecticut:  Dylan McDermott

Delaware:  Ryan Phillippe

Florida:  Enrique Iglesias

Georgia:  Usher

Hawaii:  Jason Momoa

Idaho:  Aaron Paul

Illinois:  John Cusack

Indiana:  Adam Lambert

Idaho:  Ashton Kutcher

Kansas:  Paul Rudd

Kentucky:  Josh Hutcherson

Louisiana:  Ian Somerhalder

Maine:  Patrick Dempsey

Maryland:  Edward Norton

Massachusetts:  John Slattery from "Mad Men"

Michigan:  Tom Brady

Minnesota:  Garrett Hedlund

Mississippi:  Lance Bass

Missouri:  Jon Hamm

Montana:  Patrick Duffy

Nebraska:  Actor Bryan Greenberg

Nevada:  Ne-Yo

New Hampshire:  Seth Meyers

New Jersey:  Jon Stewart

New Mexico:  Neil Patrick Harris

New York:  Robert Downey Jr.

New Mexico: Neil Patrick Harris 

North Carolina: "Dexter" star Michael C. Hall

North Dakota:  Kellan Lutz

Ohio:  Justin Chambers from "Grey's Anatomy"

Oklahoma:  Blake Shelton

Oregon:  Eric Christian Olsen

Pennsylvania:  Bradley Cooper

Rhode Island:  Charlie Day

South Carolina:  Aziz Ansari

South Dakota:  Tom Brokaw

Tennessee:  Chord Overstreet

Texas:  Matt Bomer

Utah:  Brandon Flowers from the Killers

Vermont:  Tim Daly

Virginia:  Trey Songz

Washington:  Apolo Anton Ohno

West Virginia:  Brad Paisley

Wisonsin:  Mark Ruffalo

Wyoming:  Harrison Ford . . . He's not from Wyoming, but he's called it home for years now.



by Jesse Rasmussen posted Nov 26 2013 7:14AM

 We think of Thanksgiving as a fattening, once-a-year indulgence.  But actually, there are a bunch of Thanksgiving foods that are GOOD for you. Here are the four best . . .

1.  Turkey -  Turkey is one of the healthiest meats, and it's almost totally fat free.  It's also a great source of protein.  You can prepare it in a low sodium chicken broth if you want to avoid a lot of salt.

2.  Cranberries -  People usually only eat them once a year, but cranberries are one of those healthy super-foods.  They have a bunch of antioxidants and nutrients, so they help prevent ulcers and infections.  They're also loaded with vitamins.

Consider preparing them with applesauce as a sweetener, instead of sugar.

3.  Sweet potatoes -   Sweet potatoes are rich in fiber and minerals, so they're better for you than regular mashed potatoes. 

4.  Apple pie -  Apples are full of vitamins and fiber, so that's a score.  But apple pies usually contain a bunch of spices that are filled with health benefits.  And if you make it with a wheat crust, it's even better for you. Just don't add whipped cream or ice cream.



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by Coffee Talk posted Nov 24 2013 11:33AM
From Jessica

How to make the PERFECT gravy

Mixing gravy

I personally have never tried the wine method as mentioned in the steps but I think I might have to try. Please click the pic to find out more from Real Simple Magazine.
It's starting to get cold, and I LOVE warm jackets. Here are a couple of picks for nice Anorak Jackets.

I like this one because I have this brand of coat and there is a drawstring waist that you can pull together. You don't look at frumpy in this one. Oh and it's warm!

I clearly love this coat because well, I own it. It is beyond warm and it also has the drawstring waist. I have it in black. I also think LL Bean is one of the greatest companies to purchase anything from. They have the whole lifetime gaurantee.

Pinterest Pick of the Week
Crockpot Breakfast Oatmeal
Crockpot breakfast -  Dump 2 sliced apples, 1/3 cup brown sugar, 1 tsp cinnamon in the bottom of the crock pot. Pour 2 cups of oatmeal and 4 cups of water on top. Do NOT stir. Cook overnight for 8 - 9 hours on low.
Click on the pic for the recipe

From Lynda

Hate shopping for jeans? Here are a ton of tips on how to find your perfect pair. Click on the pic for all the tips.

Woman shopping for jeans

Food Swaps for a Guilt-Free Thanksgiving 
Think you can't splurge during Thanksgiving? Well now you can...Just a little. Click on the picture for some nice food swap ideas.



8 oz. pkg. cream cheese
1/4 c. sugar
1/2 tsp. vanilla
1 egg
1 unbaked pie shell


Mix cream cheese, sugar and vanilla together until well blended. Add egg to mixture; mix well and pour into unbaked pie shell.




1 1/4 c. canned pumpkin
1/2 c. sugar
1 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. ginger
1/4 tsp. nutmeg
Dash of salt
1 c. evaporated milk
2 eggs


Mix pumpkin, sugar, spices and dash of salt. Add evaporated milk and eggs. Mix well and pour over cream cheese layer of pie.

Bake in a preheated 350°F oven for 65 or 70 minutes. After pie cools, cover with thin layer of maple syrup and decorate with pecan halves.

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by Jesse Rasmussen posted Nov 20 2013 8:21AM

We love this commercial. It's fun, has a grat message and this version of The Beasty Boys Girls is pretty fun too! What do you think? 

Learn more HERE
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by George Lindsey posted Nov 20 2013 7:44AM

This is such an amazing story! They shared their first kiss in the 3rd grade duringa play. She was Sleeping Beauty, he was the Prince. 75 years later her prince returned and they married. Do you have a tale of love reunited like this? We'd LOVE to hear it. 
by Jessica Lee posted Nov 19 2013 3:00PM

I don't get why this is so controversial. Did we forget about Miley Cyrus swinging naked on a wrecking ball?
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by Lambert and Lindsey posted Nov 19 2013 8:35AM
This was the note that was sent home with the kids. Their lunch included leftover homemade roast beef and potatoes, carrots, an orange and some milk. But the school said there wasn't a "grain" so they gave the kids Ritz Crackers and fined the mother $5 a kid.

What do you think? 

Read more HERE
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