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by Jesse Rasmussen posted Oct 31 2013 2:39PM

We CANNOT confirm the authenticity of this audio BUT it comes to us from someone we find to be reliable. The story as told by us is that this audio comes from a group of people who were camping near the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. While there they were too scared to stay the night and just left. Their recorder along with this audio was found by a security guard.

Many have said that the odd screaming you hear in the background are that of spirits that haunt the grounds. We cannot confim this but you be the judge.


by Jessica Lee posted Oct 31 2013 9:26AM

WOW! Just WOW! I am all for telling the truth and being blunt but this is just mean. What do you think?

Click the pic for the whole story

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by Jessica Lee posted Oct 30 2013 2:46PM
Liberty Ross On K. Stew

I know this has been over for awhile now but I thought I would share. I have been a victim of cheating and I know how heartbreaking it can be. It really does ruin lives. I don't think it's EVER okay. If you're not into the relationship anymore just be a decent person and break it off. 

Click the picture to see what she had to say.

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by Aimee J posted Oct 30 2013 1:18PM
by Jesse Rasmussen posted Oct 30 2013 9:25AM

Researchers from Cornell University have found that the MORE mutual friends they have, the more likely they are to break up.

Why?  They say that when you share the same circle of friends, you're less likely to have your own lives . . . and the relationship is more likely to implode. 

Would YOU want to know (via Facebook or another site) how long your relationship will last? 

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by Jessica Lee posted Oct 29 2013 4:41PM

There is a new study that says girls with big butts are smarter and live longer. I know I am a little girl but I have a bigger than average butt for someone my size. SWEET! Click the picture to read about this study. Click the pic for the story.

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by Jessica Lee posted Oct 29 2013 1:14PM
This looks so good and Jennifer Lawrence looks amazing. You have to check this out!
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by Lynda Lambert posted Oct 29 2013 8:27AM

Here are the top 10 insecurities men say they have to conquer or come to terms with before they feel like real adults:


1.  Not being able to pay off a mortgage or afford a house.


2.  Going bald.


3.  Being unemployed.


4.  Being single.


5.  Going gray.


6.  Having a double chin.


7.  Man boobs.


8.  Not being able to afford retirement.


9.  Worrying about health problems.

10.  Being overweight.

Btw according to a new survey, the average man doesn't feel like he's a "real adult" until . . . age FIFTY-FOUR.  That's the age when men have FINALLY overcome all the insecurities that made them feel immature and unsettled.

So see men, you're not as "perfect" as you thought!


by Jesse Rasmussen posted Oct 29 2013 6:03AM
Did Olivia make it to the live shows last night!?

***** SPOILER ALERT: yes she did! She moves on to the live rounds. Let the voteing begin! 

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by Jessica Lee posted Oct 28 2013 1:48PM
Exactly who you would think......Paris Hilton. That is all I need to say.

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