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by Sarah Jordan posted Dec 19 2014 2:30PM
If you need some life hacks for Christmas...BOOM!
by Sarah Jordan posted Dec 19 2014 11:21AM
OMG...this dog named Derby will make you cry happy tears. After having deformed front legs for most of his life, his owner got him 3D prosthetics and he started to run!!!
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by Jesse Rasmussen posted Dec 19 2014 6:46AM
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by Sarah Jordan posted Dec 18 2014 11:36AM
Backstreet Boys are BACK in an all new documentary! Check it out!
by Lambert & Lindsey posted Dec 18 2014 6:48AM
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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Dec 18 2014 6:38AM
Cats Vs Christmas Trees. SPOILER ALERT: The Cats win

by Sarah Jordan posted Dec 17 2014 11:38AM

Grab a tissue. This story is the definition of Christmas.
FROM WDRB "CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- How do you know which Santa is the real deal? One Santa in Kentuckiana is cherished by a local family for a very special reason.

His cheeks are rosy, his eyes have a twinkle, his beard is definitely real. From young to old, many believe he is the real Santa, straight from the North Pole.

"I would travel hours to see him...he is the real Santa, no doubt," said Tina, who wants her last name concealed for privacy.

Bass Pro Shops in Clarksville, Indiana is a wonderland this time of year and this Santa is exceptional. One local family discovered him a few years ago.

"Having a special needs child, this can be a very stressful time for a family," said Tina.

Five-year-old Kinsley is content in Santa's arms.

"He has such a sweet, gentle spirit that God has gifted him with, and a heart for children like Kinsley," said Tina.

Kinsley's condition is so rare, there is not a name for it.

"She doesn't talk and she doesn't walk yet or even sit up, so people kind of ignore her. He takes time every year to get her out of her stroller and love on her and make a big deal about her when the rest of the world might just look the other way," Tina explained.

A picture of Kinsley and Santa was shared more than 1,000 times on Facebook.

"There wasn't anything particularly wonderful about the picture. Kinsley wasn't even looking at the camera," Tina explained.

Tina said the remarkable thing about the photo was the caption -- a quote from Santa. "He said 'You know, sometimes people say these are special needs children, but I say they are a special gift from God.' And of course we both cried," said Tina.

For Santa, it is a gift to hold Kinsley.

"When I look into the eyes of that little girl, I'm looking at innocence. It is overwhelming to me. It's like looking into the heart of God," Santa said.

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by Sarah Jordan posted Dec 17 2014 9:27AM
Story from the Today Show:

Two weeks before Christmas, Tim Cocker tried an experiment on his two young children to gauge their sense of appreciation.

After raising their expectations for something big, like the "Ben 10" watch his son kept mentioning, he gave each one a wrapped present.

But when they opened the gifts, they were in for a surprise: The boy got a banana. His little sister? Her package didn't contain the "Ken King" doll she'd asked for, but an onion.

"As we approach Christmas I wonder if my children realize how fortunate they are when they are inevitably spoilt rotten on Christmas Day," he said. "So I decided to let them have one early gift 2 weeks before Christmas. One terrible gift that is."


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by Sarah Jordan posted Dec 17 2014 9:17AM
It's always a WIN when Jimmy and Justin get together...check out as they flashback to their teenage years and go to Summer camp!
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