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by Sarah Jordan posted Mar 3 2015 1:42PM
Well this is impressive...Taylor Swift's songs can now make babies stop crying. Like I'm talking from screaming to silence. Moms maywant to try this one...
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by Sarah Jordan posted Mar 2 2015 9:10AM
Is this the big follow up to CALL ME MAYBE?! What do you think?
by Lambert & Lindsey posted Mar 2 2015 5:39AM
As if Sky Diving wasn't scary enough, this poor guy experienced a seizure during freefall. Luckily his jump master kept a cool head and pulled his shoot for him. The man regained control around 3,000 feet and landed safely. Whew!
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by Sarah Jordan posted Feb 27 2015 11:31AM
Senior citizens recreate the Uptown Funk music video= YES!
by Lambert & Lindsey posted Feb 27 2015 7:16AM
This week I give you two apps. Both helpful! Ok one for sure. 

Youtube Kids- Just what it sounds like. An app that is just kid appropriate youtube videos. 

Human to Cat Translator- Feel like you just can't get through to your cats? You're welcome!
by Lambert & Lindsey posted Feb 26 2015 7:03AM
Performer Alex Boye recruited some "Funky Seniors" for an "Old Town" cover of "Uptown Funk". Just so you know, all grandma's and grandpa's in the video did their own stunts. 

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Feb 26 2015 6:08AM
Before Disney's live action version of Cinderella (March 13th), get ready for an extra special Frozen short. How many people will be seeing Cinderella just because of this short? 

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by Sarah Jordan posted Feb 25 2015 9:34AM
I'm so to have to show this to you and your's just igniting Frozen Fever! It's the new animated short to be seen before the new Cinderella!

World News Videos | US News Videos
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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Feb 25 2015 6:22AM
I'm sure this child is innocent and would never do something evil but it really DOES sound evil. 

Don't believe this child sounds like an evil genius. Listen to this. 

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