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by Jesse posted May 29 2015 4:04AM
Sir Patrick Stewart ignited a fierce debate on twitter when he posed this question. We say no. The crust is a part of the pizza therefore if you don't eat the crust you're a quitter!
by The Max Morning Show posted May 28 2015 6:51AM

So Lynda stumbled upon this little gem yesterday when she was off sick. And we're so glad she did! Haha

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by Lynda posted May 27 2015 10:14AM


A photo posted by Jessica Simpson (@jessicasimpson) on

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by The Max Morning Show posted May 27 2015 7:02AM

This is why we're dog lovers.

by The Max Morning Show posted May 27 2015 5:55AM

Well Point Break is officially being rebooted. We're not quite sure how we feel about... Hey, remember the days when we actually got to see movies with new original ideas?! Haha

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by The Max Morning Show posted May 27 2015 5:28AM

Kelly Clarkson singing kereoke with a young fan in Nashville! An insanely talented musicianand stand up person as well.

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by The Max Morning Show posted May 26 2015 5:34AM
Thankfully none of the kids were seriously injured.
Warning there is a bit of fowl language in the video. Probably not appropriate for work.

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by Jesse posted May 22 2015 5:15AM
Don't know about you but a little word of encouragement can go a long way! That's what this little girl is doing. Ya gotta love kids! We're pretty sure that your man might like this same kind of encouragement too.

by Lynda posted May 22 2015 4:22AM
While this starts out pretty funny and everyone is alright, it could have ended pretty badly. Remember, whether it's tweeting, texting, or recording a video, distracted driving is still dangerous. You never know when a tire blowout or other driving hazards may occur. Be safe this weekend and have fun!
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by Lambert & Lindsey posted May 22 2015 4:18AM
Remember that Sunny D commercial from the 90's with the kid and the purple stuff? Well turns out he's now 36 and still at home. (Can anyone else relate to this?) Check out this funny new update to that 90's Sunny D commercial.

Btw just in case you don't remember the original, here it is
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