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by Mo Rose posted Oct 2 2015 5:15PM
MODE magazine
So many pretty dresses...

Except for the 80's.

We're still shuddering...
by Mo Rose posted Oct 1 2015 11:35AM
You Tube
So THIS happened.

Honey Boo Boo came out with her own rap video.

And out of our own, grotesque curiousity...we decided to watch it.

And now YOU have to, as well.

We apologize, in advanced.

by Mo Rose posted Sep 30 2015 11:31AM
Photo by Fritz Saalfeld
It's been a BIG year for Nabisco.
They dropped the Red Velvet Oreo on us around Valentine's Day. 

Followed by some sinful Brownie Batter Oreos. 

Kicked off the Fall season with a Pumpkin Spice flavor.

And now.....
Oreo has done it again. 
Behold...the newest cookie flavor to hit the shelves. 



Wait, is that Key Lime? Where can we get THOSE?
by Mo Rose posted Sep 28 2015 11:06AM
Taylor Swift is known for having special guests perform with her on tour.

This weekend’s stop in her home town of Nashville was NO exception.

She started Friday evening by inviting Leona Lewis on stage to sing Bleeding Love.

SING @leonalewis

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on


Then sang ‘Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’ with Steven Tyler.


Saturday night almost brought down Bridgestone Arena when Mick Jagger walked on stage.

Mick. Jagger. Nashville.

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Taylor Swift truly brings joy to fans of ALL ages.

Here’s a video of a Grandma LOSING HER MIND while Swift & Jagger play ‘Satisfaction’.
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by Sarah Jordan posted Sep 24 2015 7:35AM
We could not be more excited to have Rachel Platten headlining this year's Pinktober @ the Hard Rock Cafe, and now Eastern High School's acapella group has covered "Fight Song" to kick off their performance year! WE LOVE THIS! 
Get your tickets now to see Rachel Platten LIVE at Pinktober!!!
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by Mo Rose posted Sep 23 2015 11:27AM
New York Magazine Twitter
Selfies are NOW more dangerous than sharks.

What does this mean?  
Well...NOT QUITE. 

Since the start of 2015,  at least 12 people have been killed in selfie-related incidents. 

Shark related deaths? Only 8. 
Things have gotten so bad that the Russian government had to release a 'Safe Selfie' guide. 

So, basically....#PracticeSafeSelfies.


Also, stop swimming with sharks. 
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by Mo Rose posted Sep 22 2015 11:14AM
Comic-Con International San Diego 2015 - Day 3
So this is what happens when you win an Emmy...and your best friend is Jennifer Lawrence.

Amy Schumer: Never tell Jennifer L your room number. 


Never tell Jennifer L your room number

A photo posted by @amyschumer on


Oh, and remember that one time when Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence

danced on a piano while Billy Joel sang 'Piano Man'?


Piano men

A photo posted by @amyschumer on

by Mo Rose posted Sep 21 2015 11:02AM
(from You Tube)
Some inventions are designed to change the world. 
THIS is not one of them. 

Behold...the SELFIE SPOON!


Quite possibly one of the dumbest things we


Especially since they're free. 

Click HERE for your Selfie Spoon. 

by Mo Rose posted Sep 17 2015 3:14PM
You Tube

If the name Turd Ferguson rings a bell --you'll appreciate this one. 

Last night's Jeopardy contestant was stumped on the final question.

Instead of leaving it blank she went out in a blaze of glory....

Norm MacDonald would DEFINITELY approve. 


If you're STILL in the dark, her answer alludes to the 1999 Saturday Night Live sketch in which Burt Reynolds (played by Norm MacDonald) changes his name on his podium from Burt to Turd Ferguson.

You know what? We should probably just watch that again. 




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by Mo Rose posted Sep 17 2015 10:30AM
You Tube
Bacon Lovers REJOICE!!!

Having trouble finding someone who loves bacon as much as you do?? 

Well, not anymore....

'Cause there's an App for that!

Check out Sizzl. 

Yes. This is real. 

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