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by Sarah Jordan posted Oct 30 2014 9:31AM
You have GOT to watch this Hype video for UofL vs Florida State for tonight's big game! GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Louisville vs. Florida State 2014 Hype Video from Mark Blankenbaker on Vimeo.

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Oct 30 2014 6:10AM
Jake has been delivering some scary moments on screen lately so Ellen paid him back. She's been on a "bring out your darkest fears" kick lately. If I'm ever on the show please tell her that I am terribly afraid of Scarlett Johansson dressed as the Black Widdow. - Jesse

by Sarah Jordan posted Oct 29 2014 3:21PM
What the what?!?!?! Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel and reportedly expecting their first baby together! A mini Justin Timberlake is coming!!!
by Sarah Jordan posted Oct 29 2014 9:47AM
Why is it that the most googled Halloween costume in the state of Kentucky is a Zombie... at least Indiana googles Doctor Halloween costumes! Side note- who knew so many states googled how to dress as a banana?!?
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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Oct 29 2014 6:15AM
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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Oct 29 2014 6:15AM
Marvel has released an extended trailer for Avengers 2: Age of Ultron which includes the never before released Comic-Con footage. Hard to say what the little shake that Mjolnir makes when Captain America tries to lift it but based upon the trailer we can bet it will be big.

Marvel also released their movie schedule through 2019 including Captain America: Civil War and 2 new Avengers movies, Infinity War Parts 1 and 2. See the full schedule and learn more HERE
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by Sarah Jordan posted Oct 28 2014 9:24AM
If you needed an excuse to justify eating chocolate today, you go! HAPPY NATIONAL CHOCOLATE DAY !
by Lambert & Lindsey posted Oct 28 2014 6:55AM
A guy named Anthony Vincent runs a YouTube channel called Ten Second Songs, where he covers songs by people like Katy Perry. But every ten seconds, he starts singing in a different voice . . . like Kurt Cobain or Frank Sinatra. He's only been posting videos for about six months, but he already has almost a million subscribers. In his newest video, he does Michael Jackson's "Thriller" for Halloween . . . in 20 different voices. It's pretty awesome!

by Sarah Jordan posted Oct 27 2014 12:49PM
OK Go is known for their epic music videos that use anything from tread mills, to opitcal illusions. This video is no exception using personal transport devices and umbrellas!
by Lambert & Lindsey posted Oct 27 2014 8:06AM

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