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by Sarah Jordan posted Aug 21 2014 12:07PM
Chris Pratt is a true class act. Dressed in his full Guardians of the Galaxy garb, Chris visited the LA Children's Hospital to cheer up the kids and share Guardians of the Galaxy with them. While the movie was playing, he snuck out dressed as Star Lord to surprise the kids. For the children too sick to leave their rooms, he went to them bringing toys and signing autographs. He also visited a child obsessed with legos and The Legos Movie to sign autographs. He's a true leading man in Hollywood. READ THE FULL STORY HERE!
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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Aug 21 2014 6:32AM
Kids are back to school now and no one does it better than these two parents!

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Aug 20 2014 7:15PM
First let me warn you that there are some NSFW words used in this video. If they offend you we understand but please listen to the message.

Our newsfeed is filled with Ice Bucket Challenge Videos right now. They are fun to watch but they are supposed to bring awareness to a terrible disease. This guy's video is a reminder that behind all the fun there are real people that need help.

We aren't saying to stop the Ice Bucket Challenge videos. No please continue them, but also keep in mind what they are trying to bring awareness of and make sure that you donate and give the donation info in your videos. When you can have fun, raise awareness, and raise funds for a cause it's a beautiful thing.

You can find out more about ALS and Donate HERE

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Aug 20 2014 12:00PM
The 66th Primetime Emmy Awards are coming to NBC this Sunday night. This year's ceremony will be hosted by Seth Myers and will feature, among other things, a tribute to actor Robin Williams. Check out this hilarious Emmy promo video where Julia Louis-Dreyfus visits the Barely Legal Pawn Shop run by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. And REMEMBER to follow us on Twitter Sunday night as we live tweet the awards at #emmysnarky!

by Sarah Jordan posted Aug 20 2014 11:56AM
Jimmy Fallon fulfills a college dream of playing GoldenEye 007 on N64 with the Golden Eye, James Bond himself, Pierce Brosnan! What childhood video game do you miss?!
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by Sarah Jordan posted Aug 20 2014 11:45AM
If case you need a hump day pick me up, meet shark cat on a Rumba and shark baby!
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by Sarah Jordan posted Aug 20 2014 11:41AM
Since there is a new ice bucket challenge completed every hour, don't miss David Beckham's shirtless challenge completed!
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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Aug 20 2014 6:59AM

I Kissed A Goat

Corn Dog Maybe?

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Aug 20 2014 6:35AM
After Rhode Island's hard elimination loss to Illinois in the Little League World Series, coach David Belisle delivered an awesome uplifting speech to his team. This is what sports should be about. Coaches like this are hard to find.
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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Aug 19 2014 12:00PM
Photo: Just ate dinner. Food coma in 5..4..

More than half of Americans are overweight, even obese, and now comes the news that the same is true of our canine companions. Being overweight is just as dangerous for a dog as it is for a human. Now, there are gyms that allow dogs and their owners to work out together - a little canine cardio is good for the soul.

To read more about it, CLICK HERE.
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