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This toddler is ready to swim. "Keep it moving" were probably the words going through her head. Haha
More genius from Jimmy Fallon and holy crap Seth's MacFarlane's Liam Neeson impression is spot on! Haha
Kid's these just can't trust them....Haha
You know that saying, "Go big or go home?" Well Kentucky has taken it to heart and made the news. And of course the...
Remember when celebrating your Father's Day festivities to drink responsibly.....or don'tand channell your inner racc...
This may be the best thing ever! Jimmy Fallon is just plain genius! Haha
And Bryce Dallas is to blame! Haha
"Guys...what can't we just be friends?...." Haha
These guys probably should've called up Paul Blart for a couple lessons before attempting to tame the segway...Haha
Well here are a couple of photos that Lifetime has just released for their possible "Full House" tell-all. It's...
So Lynda stumbled upon this little gem yesterday when she was off sick. And we're so glad she did! Haha
Well Point Break is officially being rebooted. We're not quite sure how we feel about... Hey, remember the days when we a...
It's a shame his movies aren't this funny!! Haha
We get the feeling she's heard this before! Haha
Pretty sure we'd knock ourselves out!! Haha
This short video perfectly illustrates the difference between dogs and cats and people who love them!!Haha
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