How to Ruin the Holidays!!!

How do you ruin TWO holidays?

Have UK & U of L play each other for Thanksgiving and Christmas!  

Your Thanksgiving will a little less thanks-filled as the Cats and Cards will play their annual Football Game on November 27th (part of the new ACC-SEC Rivalry Weekend).

Then, it was just announced that The U of L vs. UK Basketball Game will be played two days after Christmas on December 27th.  The Game will appear on ESPN2, instead of CBS-WLKY 32, because of The SUN BOWL football game being played that day!  The game is also being branded as the HALL OF FAME GAME, with the proceeds going to the Basketball Hall of Fame.

So get ready for some unpleasant, nasty fan, rivalry filled Holidays - Ho ho, Frickin' Ho!!!    
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