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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Apr 17 2014 8:53AM

5 marshmallow chicks (140 calories):
* Walk for 39 minutes
* 22 minutes of Pilates
* Use the elliptical machine for 24 minutes

1 cream-filled chocolate egg (150 calories):
* Jump rope for 12 minutes
* Do hatha yoga for 34 minutes
* 28 minutes of gardening

15 jelly beans (160 calories):
* Bicycle for 25 minutes
* Go grocery shopping for 42 minutes
* Circuit-train for 18 minutes

1 peanut-butter egg (180 calories):
* Swim for 15 minutes
* Do high-impact aerobics for 24 minutes
* Go bowling for 55 minutes

1 1 1/2-oz. solid chocolate bunny (240 calories):
* Jog for 27 minutes
* 26 minutes of casual racquetball
* Zumba for 23 minutes

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Apr 17 2014 7:20AM
There's a kid outside Green Bay named Noah VanVooren, who's 18 and has Down syndrome. Back in October, his high school football team let him suit up, and he scored a touchdown. Now he's in the news again, because he just got into Edgewood College in Madison as part of its "Cutting Edge" program, which is for students with disabilities. There is something about this kid and this video that just makes you smile!
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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Apr 16 2014 7:02AM
A listener sent this pic in from their office downtown. Yes ladies and gentlemen this screen is that big. It's a 4k (top of the line) screen and is one of the biggest of it's kind. This will change your derby experience for the better.

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Apr 14 2014 7:42AM

The Annual Barnstable Brown Guest List is out. Many on the list are frequent Derby attendees. Is there anyone on the list you're excited to possibly meet?

(VIA the Courier Journal)

Barnstable Brown Gala guest list

Kings Of Leon

Lily Aldridge

Miranda Lambert

Heart (Ann and Nancy Wilson)

Boyz II Men

Tom Brady


Kix Brooks

Dierks Bentley

Gene Simmons

Shannon Tweed

Clay Walker

Bode Miller

Morgan Miller

Lee Ann Womack

Josh Henderson

Johnny Gill

My Morning Jacket

Darryl DMC McDaniels

Pete Wentz

Terry O'Quinn

Jennifer Holliday

Stephen Amell

Travis Tritt

Taylor Dayne

Joey Fatone

Eddie Montgomery

Tracy Byrd

Wes Welker

Vince Wilfork

Larry Birkhead

Olivia Henken

Jodie Meeks

Doron Lamb

Jason Dufner

Jay Williams

Kris Humphries

Charissa Thompson

Stephan Van Treese

Aaron Rodgers

Richie Sambora

Randall Cobb

Darris Miller

Mary Wilson

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Apr 10 2014 7:33AM

(Photo: Derick E. Hingle Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA is coming to Louisville, if only for a day, Oct. 4 preseason exhibition between the two-time defending champion Miami Heat and New Orleans Pelicans at the downtown arena.

Tickets range from $18-$257 and go on sale at 10 a.m. April 19 at the Yum! Center box office, via or by calling Ticketmaster at 1-800-745-3000.

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Apr 9 2014 8:02AM
This makes us all laugh so hard. We need a goat!

by Jesse Rasmussen posted Apr 8 2014 9:08AM

I am very skeptical about this list from Redbook (The phrases, "Cold Beer", "Dinner's Ready, or "You're Right")

1. "Thank you".

2. "I'm so proud of you".

3. "I think that woman was checking you out".

4. "Let's turn this into a bet".

5. "You need to go to bed".

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Apr 8 2014 6:35AM

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Apr 2 2014 12:36PM

The interns and Sarah Jordan lost the UK vs UofL bet and now they had to proclaim UK's superiority!
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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Apr 2 2014 7:13AM
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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Apr 2 2014 6:58AM

Researchers from the Czech Republic have found that MALE faces that are longer, with a wide distance between the eyes are seen as "highly intelligent". Lower intelligence is associated with broader, more rounded faces.

So ladies, if you want an intellegent guy, look for one with larger distance between the eyes, big noses, pointy chins and upturned smiles.

Sadly this doesn't work on women. I wonder if these Czech researchers were all women.

Read more HERE

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