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Why are you holding on to "Bad Facebook Friends"?

by Jesse Rasmussen posted Jan 15 2014 7:13AM

Are you one of those people that has a hard time unfriending people? We all have those people on our Facebook friends that we can't really stand or don't know that well but for some reason we don't unfriend. Perhaps you feel bad about it, or you don't really know how, or you're just lazy. 

Here are some common reasons but feel free to add your own below! 

They’re Family: You can’t “un-family” someone, so how could you un-friend them? Besides, what are you going to say at Thanksgiving next year when your grandma asks why she can’t see the pics of your kids online anymore? Um, maybe because you're tired of seeing reposted status updates saying you don't love Jesus if you don't repost?

Prevent a Frenemies War: We all have those "Frenemies". Those people that we are only nice to because you don't want to be the first one to fire the shots of war or because you have to. You don't want to unfriend them because you know it will only result in drama and let's be honest. Who has time for that?

Their Crazy Makes You Feel Normal: This one is likely also a frenemy. Maybe it’s someone you knew in high school or an old sorority sister. Regardless, their life is full of the drama, and every time you need a little dose of feeling normal, you click their feed.

A Long Time Ago, You Used to Be Friends: You like that connection with your past, even though you totally don’t even know who that person is anymore. This person is most likely someone you once went to school with or an old coworker and perhaps someday that friendship will be rekindled, maybe, someday?

It’s Just Not Polite: You hold doors open for strangers that are just a little too far away to make it normal. You don’t gossip (much). You would never dream of telling your best friend she’s making a huge mistake dating that guy who’s out on parole. In other words, you’re just too damn polite.

You don't know how: REALLY!? 

Feel free to add your own reason to our list. Why haven't you unfriended that "Bad Facebook Friend"?


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01/15/2014 7:14AM
Why are you holding on to "Bad Facebook Friends"?
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