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Which has more sugar: A donut or a salad?

by Lambert and Lindsey posted Nov 4 2013 8:12AM

You may be surprised just how wrong your preseptions of sugar content may be. 

Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Donut: 10 grams per serving 

krispy kreme donut


Crunchy Nut, Frosties And Fruit Loops Cereal: 12 grams per serving 

froot loops


Subway 6'' Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki: 16 grams per serving



Starbucks Grande Caffe Latte: 17 grams per serving



Ben & Jerry's Vanilla Ice Cream (1/2 cup): 20 grams per serving

ben jerrys


Yoplait Original Yogurt: 27 grams per serving



Vitamin Water (20 oz): 33 grams per serving

vitamin water



California Pizza Kitchen Thai Chicken Salad: 48 grams per serving

california pizza kitchen salad


See More Via the Huffinton Post HERE

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11/04/2013 8:12AM
Which has more sugar: A donut or a salad?
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