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What State Should You Live In Based On Personality? Take the Test Here!

by Jessica Lee posted Oct 23 2013 11:22AM

When I took the test it told me I should live in Georgia. I did live in Atlanta for 3 years and I loved it. However, I think I like it here in Louisville a bittle bit more. I will say I miss home because I depserately miss the ocean. I don't really miss the cold weather all that much. Click the pic to take the test and tell me where you should be living.
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10/23/2013 11:22AM
What State Should You Live In Based On Personality? Take the Test Here!
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10/23/2013 2:07PM
Susan A
10/23/2013 5:30PM
Amy B
Interesting, it told me Georgia also. I think I will take the full test and see what results I get.
10/27/2013 2:16PM
where do I belong
According to the test results it told me that should live in washington state. But I've live in California for 42 years.
10/29/2013 12:32AM
I was amazed. I took the test and it said I should live in Montana which is where I'm from.
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