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by Mo Kohn posted Jun 25 2015 2:08PM
Today's #cutenessoverload is brought to you by one of our youngest listeners. Big thanks to Brandi Emerson for sharing her little cutie with us!
Too much Meghan Trainor?

Today's #cutenessoverload is brought to you by one of our youngest listeners. Think we have a future DJ on our hands!

Posted by 102.3 The Max on Thursday, June 25, 2015
by Mo Rose posted Jun 24 2015 11:46AM
Got 4 months and $25K? That's what it takes to get you to Victoria Secret model status…..or as close as your genetics will allow. This regimen will not make you shorter or taller. Sorry.

I can't say I never wanted to be a Victoria Secret model. I use to look at those waif-y girls on the V.S. posters and think, I wish I had their fast metabolism. As if that's the only way anyone can be that skinny. Then I came across this article and found out what those B***** actually go through to be the sizes that they are. And guess what? Even after all the workouts ,diets and supplements they still aren't really what you're seeing online, or in the catalogues. Even THEY get airbrushed. (proof HERE)

But back to my first thought. What does it really take to get that Victoria Secret model body? Fitness blogger Poppy Cross went through 4 months of hell and spent nearly $25,000 on physical trainers, nutritionists, dietary supplements, stylists and massage therapists. Ok, the massage therapy doesn't sound too bad. And neither do the stylists. But everything else is pretty awful. I never thought I'd say it but I don't think I would want to be a V.S. model. It sounds like a horrible life. And this girl likes her Champagne & chocolate WAY too much.
Would you do it? I mean, if you had 4 months and an extra $25k laying around?

Follow her journey to super model status, HERE.

by Mo Rose posted Jun 23 2015 1:14PM
If you've been paying attention to the Max Morning Show…or pretty much any news outlet lately you know (thanks to Taylor Swift) that Jesse and his wife Lindsey are having a baby. They are just one of many couples I know who are expecting bundles of joy. Even though I've only gone through it once and I'm still learning about babies, it hasn't stopped my friends from coming to me with lots of questions. The most popular is, "What do I really need?". Well, there's a lot. BUT, there's also a whole list of stuff that you DON'T need. I truly wish I would have found this post before I first started registering for baby stuff. Who would have guessed that a bottle warmer can easily be replaced with (gasp) a bowl of hot water!
Oh, and spoiler alert: The Pee-Pee TeePee is never gonna stay in place.
You're gonna get hosed, eventually.
Just embrace it.


Skip THESE items and put that $$ in a college fund, instead:)

by Mo Rose posted Jun 19 2015 5:55AM
I saw this video on Scott McGillivray's FB page. BTW—If you don't know Scott McGillivray, he's the host of HGTV's Income Property. And I love him. But anyway, I thought I would share it. Super cute and reminds me that there is inequality between the sexes and the struggle goes both ways. I didn't realize it until having a baby of my own and finding out that most men's bathrooms don't have changing tables. You just don't pay attention to that stuff until you have kids. At least, I didn't. No wonder my husband automatically assumes that changing a baby's diaper is MY job. But enough about me. It's not Mother's Day. It's Father's Day. Click HERE and see how Scott McGillivray takes being a Dad to an all new level.
Also…anyone else think he looks kinda hot as a woman?
Just me?
Ok, nevermind.
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by Mo Rose posted Jun 17 2015 1:10PM
It's truly unfortunate the amount of pressure that's placed on body image these days and it doesn't seem to be going away. In fact, it's only getting worse. I came across a fantastic article this morning and felt the need to share it. Especially since we're knee deep in bathing suit season and I'm avoiding the awful 'try on every suit in the store' dance. There's nothing like spending some time in front of an oversized mirror, under bad lighting in clothes that show off every problem spot. Then you leave the store feeling defeated. If and when this happens to you, click HERE and snap a selfie using tips from Fitness Blogger, Sophia Kay. Save it in your phone and look at it when you need some re-assurance that you are, in fact, one sexy motha….well, you get it.

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by Mo Rose posted Jun 16 2015 12:19PM
Hi All! This is Mo. I'll be taking over for Sarah while she's getting in some snuggle time with Baby Kennedy. I figured I should use this opportunity to tell you a little about myself…and eventually tell you a LOT about myself….To the point where I'm oversharing. Sorry, in advanced.
I live in Louisville but I'm sure you can tell by my nasally accent that I ain't local. I hail from the South Side of Chicago. It's a great place…but only in the Summer. I highly advise you stay away from the 'Windy City' outside of May thru August. You can easily get a foot of snow, flash flooding and an ice storm in the same weekend any other month of the year.
By the way, I LOVE Louisville. It's the best place in the world if you love to eat. And I do. It's kinda scary how much I enjoy food. So please let me know when you try out a new restaurant or make something delicious. I'm always looking for a new recipe or spot to get a good pizza and pitcher of beer.
Also, I am a bit of a lush. Mo loves her booze. Champagne is my favorite…then everything else. Again, if you come across a new drink that you LOVED, I wanna know about it. New mohito recipe? You MUST send it my way. Please and thank you.
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