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Toes Were the Topic on the Show Today

by Lambert & Lindsey posted May 28 2014 8:11AM
Kim Kardashian spent $5000 on toe liposuction so she could fit into her Christian Louboutin's for her wedding to Kanye. You can read the entire article here.

And speaking of toes, this is just...unbelievable. 

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05/28/2014 8:11AM
Toes Were the Topic on the Show Today
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07/12/2014 7:58PM
Nice toes! Google
07/12/2014 8:00PM
Kim Kardashian Liposuction
Nice Kim Kardashian Liposuction of the toes!
07/30/2014 2:11PM
National Surgery Professionals
That gif is gross!! I want to see more about Kim Kardashian Liposuction
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