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This will warm your heart

by Sarah Jordan posted Feb 21 2014 9:14AM
This video just made my day. There is still so much compassion in the world! 

Created to test the Norwegian people’s compassion, the video, dubbed SOS MAYDAY, features Johannes, an 11-year-old actor, who sits alone at a cold, wintry bus stop in Oslo without a coat. When strangers show up and ask him why he’s alone, he says that he got separated from his class field trip. SOS set up hidden cameras to answer the question, “What would you do if you saw a freezing child?” 

The video’s beauty comes in when the strangers — men and women, young and old — start giving up their gloves, scarves and coats to a freezing child they don’t know. One man asked, "Are you okay? Are you cold?" before passing the child his gloves, while another woman inquired about his teacher's phone number, offering to call the woman to come get him. 

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02/21/2014 9:16AM
This will warm your heart
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