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Things Jesse is Looking Forward to at Comic Con

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 24 2014 11:10AM

1. Anything from Marvel - We're getting Guardians of the Galaxy August 1st but I'm expecting to hear much more about Avengers 2 Age of Ultron and perhaps even a trailer. Also I am secretly hoping to get more on the upcoming Ant man Movie, Captain America 3 and possibly a Dr. Strange flick. 

2. The Hobbit - Since we recently got a still from The Battle of the Five Armies, it's safe to say that we'll get at least a trailer and maybe a little extra footage to hold us over until the December release. 

3. DC TV Shows - DC (Warner Brothers) is still playing catch up in the movie game but they have several promising prospects in the television world. I'm hoping we'll get even more about Flash and Gotham. I'd really like to see some footage from Flash but I'm not expecting it. I'm sure we'll also get some info on the next season of Arrow. 

4. Batman V Superman - I am not really expecting anything more than perhaps another photo or some news from Warner Brothers and DC but it would be amazing if we got a teaser. The pictures that have been released have been meh so DC really needs to use Comic Con to build a little hype for this one. And lets not forget that The Rock just dropped a bombshell that could see him playing SHAZAM in a movie so we could get a lot out of this. Fingers Crossed 

5. Star Wars Episode VII - JJ Abrams is known for his secrecy on set but he has been releasing a few pics recently so something about the new Star Wars is not out of the realm of possibility. Although he is in the middle of filming so a personal appearance from him or the cast isn't likely.

6. The Walking Dead - The Walking Dead is entering it's 5th season but the cast will be on hand so you can probably expect a few interesting bits about the next season. I'm hoping for a good first look. 

Honorable Mentions:

Fantastic Four: We've heard that we're getting another Fantastic Four movie and they have been filming so it would be nice if we got more on that but it would probably just disappoint me even more so nevermind. 

Voice Over Panels: One of the things that sadden me about not going is all of the panels. I would love to be in on the Marvel panels but some of the most entertaining are those of voiceover artists. Anytime you get a bunch of Voice Actors together expect hilarity to ensue. Some of my faves are John DiMaggio, Rob Paulsen, and Jess Harnell

Here's a great example of that. 

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07/24/2014 8:45AM
Things Jesse is Looking Forward to at Comic Con
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