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The Thanksgiving Donut

by Jesse Rasmussen posted Nov 12 2013 8:38AM

 A bakery in New York is about to unveil the THANKSGIVING DONUT.  It's a pumpkin-flavored donut stuffed with turkey, cranberry sauce, and GRAVY.  There's also a sweet potato donut stuffed with toasted marshmallow filling.

The Zucker Bakery in Manhattan, New York is introducing a THANKSGIVING DONUT.  It LOOKS like an innocent jelly donut.  But it's actually a pumpkin-flavored donut stuffed with turkey, cranberry sauce, and GRAVY.

There's also one that's a sweet potato donut with toasted marshmallow filling.  Which sounds MUCH less vile.

The bakery is making them in honor of Hanukkah falling on Thanksgiving this year.  Donuts are actually a traditional Hanukkah food . . . so the bakery stuffed traditional Hanukkah food with traditional Thanksgiving food.

It's VERY rare that Hanukkah falls on Thanksgiving . . . but Hanukkah's based on the lunar calendar, so it can happen.  The last time it happened was 1861 . . . the next time it will happen will be in 77,798 years.

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11/12/2013 8:38AM
The Thanksgiving Donut
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11/12/2013 8:56PM
thanksgiving donut
Hey Jesse! How in the world did you find out about these? Will you be going to New York to get some???
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