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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Mar 26 2015 2:28PM
We played this on the show this morning. The 8 year old Justin Credible who plays for Gonzaga is about where we lost it. Good luck to UofL and UK tonight!

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Mar 26 2015 2:04PM
This looks really easy and the eggs come out looking awesome. This could be the coolest thing ever or another Pinterest fail.

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Mar 26 2015 9:16AM
Whiskas is developing a cool camera that will allow your cat to have their own Instagram, They call it Catstagram! The camera takes a pic every 6 seconds and then uploads them when your cat is in range of WiFi.

Check it out HERE or the video below

Cats not your thing? How about a cuddle clone?

If you love your pet so much that you can't stand to ever be away from them. Have a Cuddle Clone made. It's a highly accurate stuffed animal version of your pet. Lynda loves it!
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Topics : Human Interest
by Lambert & Lindsey posted Mar 24 2015 9:02AM
One of the perks of being the Pope. Pizza delivers to you!
by Jesse Rasmussen posted Mar 24 2015 6:22AM
SHUT UP AND TAKE OUR MONEY!!!!!!!!! This is awesome!
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People : Taylor Swift
by Lambert & Lindsey posted Mar 2 2015 5:39AM
As if Sky Diving wasn't scary enough, this poor guy experienced a seizure during freefall. Luckily his jump master kept a cool head and pulled his shoot for him. The man regained control around 3,000 feet and landed safely. Whew!
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