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Spiders found in Woman's Banana

by Jesse Rasmussen posted Nov 5 2013 7:18AM

Woman in Brazil was eating a banana when she noticed what she thought was mold. Turns out that "mold" was actually the eggs of a Brazilian Wandering Spider which started hatching at that moment. By the way the Brazillian Wandering Spider is one of the most venomous spiders in the world.

We like to think that it went down like this.

11/05/2013 7:18AM
Spiders found in Woman's Banana
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11/05/2013 8:39AM
Spiders in cacti
My wife was working as a leasing agent for an apartment complex and they had a large cactus like 6' tall sitting in the lobby and had been there for years. They all went out for lunch one day and when they came back they noticed the cactus was swaying back and forth. So they're all standing there staring at it trying to figure out what was making it do that. That is until she said they heard a loud pop and the cactus exploded and millions of spiders flew out everywhere. She said the walls were literally black from all the baby spiders. She said the exterminator said that most cacti come from foreign countries where spiders lay their eggs inside cacti because the baby spiders get all the nutrients they need from out of the cactus until there isn't anything left to hold the cactus together. Hence the exploding cactus!! Just thought I'd share that...LOL
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