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Some Thoughts for Valentine's Day from Jesse Pablo!

by Jesse Pablo posted Feb 11 2014 8:03AM


1.  Have you considered a DOUBLE DATE for Valentine's Day?  A new study out of Wayne State University in Michigan found double dates can strengthen your relationship because it helps you see your significant other in a new light. 

This basically means double dating shows you that you didn't do so bad after all. Especially if the other couple gets into a fight halfway during dinner. 


2.  Why not hang out around the house NAKED? A new survey found COUPLES are more likely to walk around the house nude than single people.  45% of couples do it, compared to 35% of single people. Again we stress AT HOME oh and might we also suggest pulling the curtains. 


3.  10% of people are thinking about calling an ex on Valentine's Day. Jesse Pablo would suggest you keep this to yourself. Remember no matter how lonely you are. They are an ex for a reason. 


4.  A new poll says your wife or girlfriend might want an APPLIANCE for Valentine's Day.  But it has to be the RIGHT appliance . . . not, like, a vacuum cleaner.  The two gifts women want the most are a JUICER and a Keurig coffee maker. 

Here's a tip. If it's used for cleaning or expercise DON'T BUY IT AS A VALENTINES GIFT! There are exceptions to this... ok no there really isn't. 


5.  A happy marriage gives you as much satisfaction as an extra $105,000-a-year in income.  Having your spouse die feels the same as losing $308,780-a-year.

As someone who has never made $105,000 a year, like ever, I cannot confirm this. Not really sure how they got the figure of $308,780 a year but if my wife is reading that number seems low.

Happy Valentines Day from Jesse Pablo

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02/11/2014 8:03AM
Some Thoughts for Valentine's Day from Jesse Pablo!
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