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STUPID SCIENCE: How Many Cats are too Many?

by Jesse Rasmussen posted Nov 4 2013 7:34AM

How Many Cats are too much? 

This is a VERY IMPORTANT SURVEY . . . it's basically your guide to that ever-so-fine line between being a lady with a cat and a crazy cat lady.


The survey asked:  How many cats is TOO MANY CATS?  Here are the results . . .


24% of people say even ONE cat is too many cats.  Ignore them, they're just rude.


17% say one cat is okay, but TWO is too many.


25% say one or two cats are fine, but THREE is too many.


17% say even having four cats is fine, but FIVE is too many.


11% say as long as you stay below TEN cats you're alright.


And 5% say there's NO SUCH THING as too many cats.


So what can we make of that?  Two out of three people think it's normal to have either zero, one, or two cats . . . so the odds are, if you start dating someone, they'll fall in that range.


How Much Would You Spend on Your Pet's Health and Would You Save Your Pets from a Fire? 


A new survey by CBS News and "Vanity Fair" dug even deeper into Americans' pet obsession.  Here's what they found . . .


1.  15% of people say they'd spend ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY on medical treatments for their pets.  Another 9% would spend between $5,000 and $10,000.  The most common cap on pet medical expenses was $1,000, with 22% of the vote.


2.  More than three-quarters of us would RISK OUR OWN LIVES to save pets from a fire.  78% would run into a burning house to save their pet.  That includes 81% of dog owners and 71% of cat owners.


3.  42% of people ALWAYS trust their pet's instincts about other people . . . like, if their dog snarls and barks at someone, they believe the dog KNOWS it's a bad person.


4.  What's the best reason NOT to get a pet?  28% of people say it's the expense . . . 27% say a pet makes it tougher to go on vacation . . . 20% say it's cleaning up after them . . . and 18% say it's hard because they eventually die.


5.  51% of people say they FLUSH a dead pet fish.  44% bury it.


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11/04/2013 7:34AM
How Many Cats are too Many?
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