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by Jesse posted May 22 2015 5:15AM
Don't know about you but a little word of encouragement can go a long way! That's what this little girl is doing. Ya gotta love kids! We're pretty sure that your man might like this same kind of encouragement too.

by Lynda posted May 22 2015 4:22AM
While this starts out pretty funny and everyone is alright, it could have ended pretty badly. Remember, whether it's tweeting, texting, or recording a video, distracted driving is still dangerous. You never know when a tire blowout or other driving hazards may occur. Be safe this weekend and have fun!
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by Lambert & Lindsey posted May 22 2015 4:18AM
Remember that Sunny D commercial from the 90's with the kid and the purple stuff? Well turns out he's now 36 and still at home. (Can anyone else relate to this?) Check out this funny new update to that 90's Sunny D commercial.

Btw just in case you don't remember the original, here it is
by Jesse posted May 21 2015 11:18AM
If a bear came up to us we would probably pee and then pass out! This dude's monster yell was enough to scare the bear. Way to Hulk Out dude!
by Jesse posted May 21 2015 5:15AM
When you eat chicken and then have to text or tweet about it you know that your phone then becomes a mess. KFC's solution is a little crazy sounding at first but we think it's genius! What do you think?

KFC - Tray Typer from This is for the jury on Vimeo.

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by Lynda posted May 21 2015 4:01AM
Seems like everyone is having a tough time saying goodbye to David Letterman. Including Jennifer Lawrence! We're right there with her.

#ThanksDave Late Show with David Letterman

Posted by Jennifer Lawrence on Wednesday, May 20, 2015
by Jesse posted May 21 2015 3:56AM
If you're still trying to figure out how to solve 1 Rubik's Cube, prepare to have your mind blown! These guys at RubiART made a giant portrait of Justin Timberlake. Why? Because it's Justin Timberlake!

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by The Max Morning Show posted May 20 2015 7:02AM

The best thing about this, is that Jamie can actually sing his butt off!

by The Max Morning Show posted May 20 2015 6:52AM
And we're not really sure how we feel about it. The colonel being a real person and all, it does seem like they're pushing the envelope a little bit...

What do you think?
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by The Max Morning Show posted May 19 2015 7:45AM
It's been a while since we've been able to get our Pixar fix.

This one definitely looks promising though! What do you think?!

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted May 19 2015 3:52AM
Can we officially change their name to the New Men On the Block??? Whew!!!!! Yes please.

Not bad for a few old men! Hard work pays! #TheMainEvent

A photo posted by DONNIE WAHLBERG (@donniewahlberg) on

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted May 18 2015 12:19PM
After watching this I feel cheated! How dare they reuse animation like that. Like we wouldn't notice! Ok so we didn't at first but still. This is all I can see from now on.

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by The Max Morning Show posted May 18 2015 6:27AM

Are we the only ones who have now taken our childhoods into question?!

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by The Max Morning Show posted May 16 2015 10:00AM
by The Max Morning Show posted May 15 2015 6:34AM

Probably a little much making him smash his Xbox but then again him saying his bad gradesaren't his fault is a bit ridiculous as well...

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by The Max Morning Show posted May 15 2015 6:01AM

And it looks hilarious!!

by The Max Morning Show posted May 14 2015 7:36AM

It's a shame his movies aren't this funny!! Haha

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by The Max Morning Show posted May 14 2015 6:15AM

The first thing that comes to mind when watching this is "here's Johnny!"

by The Max Morning Show posted May 14 2015 5:34AM

And it looks pretty promising!

by Lambert & Lindsey posted May 13 2015 7:07AM

We get the feeling she's heard this before! Haha

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by Jesse Rasmussen posted May 13 2015 7:00AM
There's an "author" in Canada with the pen name Leonard Delaney who makes about $1,000 a month self- publishing erotic short stories on Amazon . . . about a woman having sex with various technology products. His big hits include "Taken by the Tetris Blocks", "Invaded by the iWatch", and "Conquered By Clippy" . . . about a woman having "Flipping Pancakes" with 'Clippy' the helpful paper clip from Microsoft Office. Each story sells for $2.99. Leonard says he writes them for fun and makes them intentionally bad. And if you were curious, YES, he was inspired by the most famous bit of crappy erotic self-publishing ever . . . the "50 Shades of Grey" trilogy. You can find his stories by searching "Leonard Delaney" on Amazon.

You can check out just a bit of Leonard's masterpiece Conquered By Clippy
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by The Max Morning Show posted May 13 2015 6:29AM

And we're pumped!!

by The Max Morning Show posted May 13 2015 5:53AM
Are Those Your Dentures?!

by The Max Morning Show posted May 8 2015 7:48AM

Wow! This one had us tear up a little!

by The Max Morning Show posted May 7 2015 7:03AM
by Lambert & Lindsey posted May 6 2015 7:13AM
Photo/Video Credit - HouzzTV
Way to make the rest of us look bad!!

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by Jesse posted May 6 2015 4:38AM
Lots of deep thoughts going on here. The kind of things that make you laugh and then say "Oh yeah, I guess that is true. Hmmm" Enjoy!

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted May 5 2015 6:26AM

These dachshunds had us cracking up!!!

by Jesse Rasmussen posted May 4 2015 11:10AM
Forget the fastest 2 minutes in sports, Jesse got to call the fastest 47 seconds in racing! The Kindergarten Derby.

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted May 4 2015 8:12AM

Pretty sure we'd knock ourselves out!! Haha

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted May 4 2015 6:59AM
AP Photo/Alastair Grant
They will be revealing the name today!

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by Jesse Rasmussen posted May 1 2015 9:08AM

1. This movie picks up where "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" left off . . . with the Avengers taking down a hidden HYDRA base where the bad guys had been experimenting with alien artifacts and working on developing artificial intelligence. (If you watch Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D you'll get a little more info about this.)

Tony Stark decides to adapt that research for an A.I. he created to protect the world . . . but after Ultron becomes self-aware, it decides that WE'RE the problem, and the only way to restore peace is to exterminate us. James Spader IS Ultron.

Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron-Taylor Johnson join the cast as Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. You may remember them from the end credits of "The Winter Soldier". They're twins who were given the power of magic and super speed from Loki's scepter.

Elizabeth Olsen uses her powers to manipulate people's minds . . . which is why Iron Man and Hulk are fighting each other in the Hulkbuster clip everyone's excited about.

And until now, Paul Bettany has only been the voice of J.A.R.V.I.S., but in this one he also gets to play the android Vision, who's created by Ultron but ends up on our side.

On the cameo front, Stan Lee is back for his normal comedic turn . . . Anthony Mackie appears as the Falcon . . . and Don Cheadle is back as War Machine in the scene where everyone tries and fails to lift Thor's hammer.

Sadly, this is Joss Whedon's last "Avengers" movie. He's going out on top though. "Age of Ultron" will be showing on nearly 4,300 screens in the U.S. this weekend. And it's made $255 million in its first week overseas, which means it's turning a profit.

The next two "Avengers" movies will be directed by brothers Anthony and Joe Russo, who did last year's "The Winter Soldier"and next year's "Captain America: Civil War".

But you'll have to wait THREE YEARS for "Infinity War: Part I". There are six Marvel movies between now and then, including"Ant Man", "Doctor Strange", a new Spider-Man reboot, and sequels for "Captain America" and "Guardians of the Galaxy".

One last thing . . . don't be that guy sitting in the dark waiting for the end of the credits. The director says there's no bonus scene this time. You'll be able to watch the "tag" scene tying this one to the next movie at the start of the credits . . . then you can go.

There wasn't something in our screening either but if you want to sit and be sure be my guest!

Nerd on True Believers - Jesse!

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