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Lynda's Road to the Oscars - A Review of "August: Osage County

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jan 21 2014 12:33PM

As I leave Tinseltown after watching “August: Osage County,” my mind is on one thing and one thing only. “How long will it take me to get home and fix a double Woodford?” This is THE most depressing, gloomy movie I have seen in years. It’s only redeeming quality is that Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts once again turn in amazing performances. I see why they were nominated for Oscars but my positive comments end with that statement. The story centers on the women of the Weston family. They have reunited at the family home in dusty, bleak Osage County, Oklahoma after a tragedy involving their father. While there are moments that will make you laugh, you will mostly be amazed at the bitterness, the meanness and the dysfunction of this family. If you are like me and prefer your Julia characters more in line with “Notting Hill” and “Pretty Woman” and your Meryl more in line with “Devil Wears Prada” or “Out of Africa,” then you will probably be disappointed in “A: OC.” Both actresses could give the guys in “Wolf of Wall Street” a run for their money in the F-bomb department. I realize life is not always made up of happy endings, but this film takes depressing to a whole new level. Save your money and if you must see it, wait for the DVD. When you can have a double-bourbon at home.
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01/21/2014 12:41PM
Lynda's Road to the Oscars - A Review of "August: Osage County
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01/22/2014 8:22AM
Sounds like "some real families" so I am with thanks! George
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