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Jesse's Review of The Lego Movie

by Jesse Rasmussen posted Feb 9 2014 11:13AM

The Lego Movie is a really fun movie, following in the vein of movies like Toy Story and Wreck It Ralph. It is a kids movie first but has many jokes (it's downright hilarious at times) and nostalgic references that are clearly meant for adults but they aren't dirty or sexual. This isn't like Shrek. Unfortunately it doesn’t hit the same emotional resonance that the other two movies but I'm being really critical here. 

The animation was amazing with Lego clouds, Lego oceans, and even the character facial expressions and emotions. Seriously everything is Lego. There are some live action surprises toward the end that I won’t give away but it really does a good job of ending the movie and reminding you what it was like to be a kid with Legos.

This is a must see for the kiddos. Adults, you will enjoy this one too whether you grew up with Legos or not. It's just a fun movie with a good message. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a Death Star to finish. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below or email me at
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02/09/2014 11:13AM
Jesse's Review of The Lego Movie
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