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Here's the Math Formula to Pick the Right Person to Date

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jun 19 2014 8:34AM


A mathematician named Martin Gardner came up a simple math formula to help you decide who 'the one' is.  Decide the number of people you'll date in the near future . . . go out with 36.8% of them . . . do NOT settle down . . . and as SOON as you go out with someone who's better than the best person from that first group, THAT'S the one.


1.  Decide on the number of people you'll go out with in the near future.  To make it simple, let's say you'll go out with 12 people in the next few months.


2.  Go out with exactly 36.8% of them.  And do NOT settle down with any of them.  That's the EXACT calculation he found to get an accurate sample of what's out there.


So if you date 12 people, that means you only need to go out with four or five of them.  Now you have a big enough sample to make a fair comparison.


3.  From that point on, as SOON as you go out with someone who's better than the best person in that first group, THAT'S the person to get serious with.


Why?  Because if you haven't found something better by then, the odds are . . . YOU'RE NOT GOING TO.


4.  If you don't meet anyone better than anyone in that first group, go with the most recent new person ANYWAY. 


Sure, they might not be AS good as someone from that first group, but the people in the first group are no longer considered an option . . .  you've REJECTED them, you've moved on, and you operate under the assumption they're gone.


Supposedly it works because you've given yourself great odds, and a mathematically accurate sample that you can compare things to.



Basically, it's a technique to make decisions without feeling like you've jumped in too quickly, or without weighing your options.  That way you can be confident, with no regrets.


And that goes for ANY decision.  Because you can use the formula to pick ANYTHING . . . a house to buy, a place to rent, a person to hire at your company, a movie to watch on Netflix, what to order at a restaurant, whatever.  You're welcome.

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06/19/2014 8:34AM
Here's the Math Formula to Pick the Right Person to Date
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