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Guardians of the Galaxy 17 min Sneak Preview

by Jesse Rasmussen posted Jul 7 2014 8:24PM
UPDATE: 7/8/14 Here's the latest Guardians of the Galaxy extended trailer 

I got to sit in on a special 17 minute preview of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy in IMAX 3D and while it wasn't a lot it did give just enough to want more. It was about 16 of completely unseen footage of the Guardians being checked into a prison and then breaking out of it. There was about a minute or so of stuff we've seen the trailers but that was more of a set up.

I give the IMAX 3D experience 8.5 out of 10. The IMAX was amazing and the 3D was good but it wasn't completely utilized. Still it looked like it was worth shelling out the extra money.

Bradley Cooper will make this movie! He pretty much stole this 17 minutes of film with his humor and actual badassness. Yes that tiny raccoon is very tough. Vin Diesel as Groot was actually pretty funny too. Not sure yet if we're going to get annoyed with him only saying "I am Groot."


I could really try and analyze this 17 minutes of footage but ultimatly it was a great preview. If you're new to the Marvel Movies, this is a great movie to jump in on because as far as I could tell, you don't have to have seen any of the previous movies to understand or enjoy this one. They showed me 17 minutes and I left wanting so much more! 

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07/07/2014 8:24PM
Guardians of the Galaxy 17 min Sneak Preview
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