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Godzilla Review By Zach Lindsey

by Lambert & Lindsey posted May 21 2014 5:47PM


When I first heard about the Godzilla reboot, I'll admit: I was skeptical. After the unmentionable 1998 fiasco that dared to invoke the name of the King of Monsters- and then promptly made him a queen- I and everyone I knew held our collective breaths upon hearing the news.

The film is directed by Gareth Edwards, whose only other director role was for a lesser known movie also about giant monsters, aptly named "Monsters." Plus, “Godzilla” is supposed to lead off summer blockbuster season. The news was a mixed bag. The relatively new director and release date could mean that the summer will be off to a great start, or “Godzilla” could totally flop with "X-Men: Days of Future Past" following its release only a week later.

But then you have Brian Cranston doing the voice-over for most of the trailer, depicting city-wide devastation on a scale that, in terms of modern movies, only "Man of Steel" could compare to.

"Okay." I said to myself in February, "Count me in."

For once, Hollywood came through on its promise. "Godzilla" is entirely deserving of calling itself the “King of All Monster Movies.” Godzilla himself looks and feels exactly as mighty and dominant as advertised. Calling him an "Alpha predator" is almost an understatement. 

Giant monsters have always had an air of unstoppability to them, but humans have always found a way to beat them. Enough bullets, bombs, or giant robot punches (yes, I’m talking about you, “Pacific Rim”) have always done the job. But not here.

Godzilla and the other monsters presented are impervious to any kind of conventional weaponry, and they can literally eat nuclear bombs for breakfast. The soldiers' guns do nothing more than make them feel safe. The fighting in this movie is on a whole different scale that humans cannot rise to meet- and it feels glorious.

And with “Godzilla” being #1 at the box office for it’s opening weekend, grossing $93.2 million, it would seem I’m not the only one who thinks so. This summer’s blockbusters have a true monster to live up to if they hope to beat out “Godzilla” anytime soon. 

-Zach Lindsey
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05/21/2014 5:47PM
Godzilla Review By Zach Lindsey
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