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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 23 2014 1:22PM
How can you finish last but completely steal the show? Be this dog in this sweet, and his name is

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 23 2014 9:33AM
Our Hot, Humid Weather means we need a cold drink, and we need it now...this video show you how to cool a can in 2 minutes!

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 23 2014 8:33AM
These two gymnasts are attempting a stunt and end up hitting each other in the head. Not the worst injury we've seen BUT the sound is a little painful to hear. Turn this one up!

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 23 2014 7:36AM
Beyonce and Jay Z are currently on tour together and the rumor is that their marriage isn't doing so well. There have been several reports that Jay Z is entertaining groupies and that they are seeing a marriage counselor. How does Beyonce respond to this? If this pic is to be believed they are doing just fine.

Check out how else Beyonce has gracefully shut down rumors via Instagram in the past HERE

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 23 2014 7:25AM
Mom Stephanie called us this morning and said her husband refuses to go to their son's little league games because he says they are awful. They have yet to win a game this summer but she still goes out and support her son. He (The husband) quit going after the 5th loss in a row and he says it's a waste of time to go because our son isn't even trying. Why should he come out and support a team if they are going to go out there and get beat (sometimes pretty badly) every game.
Stephanie feels like even though he isn't the best ball player, he's only 9, it's important to go out there and support him and the team anyway.

George is on the dad's side. If the kid isn't that good at baseball perhaps it's time to let him know and have him try something else.

What do you think?
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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 22 2014 8:00PM
Two 30-year old guys record a conversation between their mom and their aunt. Then, they reinact the entire conversation complete with lip-syncing. Very clever.
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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 22 2014 12:01PM
letter from dad to daughter
This letter was written by Dr. Kelly Flanagan, a licensed clinical psychologist, practicing at Alliance Clinical Associates in Wheaton, IL.
by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 22 2014 9:57AM
Omg we can't stop laughing at this little baby's reaction to his mom blowing her nose!

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 22 2014 8:10AM

CARLOS "SLIM", the second-richest person in the world (worth $80.3 billion) says the future of work is a THREE-day work week, and a four-day weekend.

But there are two catches. One, you'd have to work about 11 hours a day all three days. And two . . . you'd be expected to work until you're 70 or 75, because we'd need more people working total, to make up for all the lost hours.

Slim says, quote, "With three work days a week, we would have more time to relax, for quality of life. Having four days off would be very important to generate new entertainment activities and other ways of being occupied."

For now, Slim has started incorporating a "lite" version of this at the Mexican phone company he owns called Telmex. People are eligible to retire before age 50 but if they want to stay on, they can work four days for full pay.

Read more about this HERE

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 22 2014 6:48AM
The latest version of the Toyota Sienna will come with a feature called "Driver Easy Speak". This is basically a microphone that will allow you to speak to the back seats of the van via the speakers. This sounds like a good idea in theory but if your mom is like mine she will probably just end up yelling into the microphone anyway.

Check out more about it via ABC
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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 21 2014 2:23PM
There are beaches around Cornwall and Devon in England, that are filled with Legos have washed up from the sea.

This is believed to be from a container ship that dumped 62 containers into the ocean (one of which was filled with nearly 4.8 million Legos).

Oddly enough they weren't just Legos but mostly nautical themed Legos. Read more and check out some of the pics HERE
by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 21 2014 12:00PM

To find out all the details and see more pics, CLICK HERE
by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 21 2014 7:40AM
This is why we love dogs so much. This poor dog took this baby's toy and then instantly feels bad so he brings all the toys. See you're never too big to say you're sorry.

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 21 2014 6:44AM
Playing "I Got Your Nose" with your daughter is all fun and games until she believes you. This is so cute. Check out how happy she is in the end when daddy finally givesher nose back.

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 21 2014 5:51AM
On July 20th, 1984 "Neverending Story" came sweeping into theatres...we all wanted a luckdragon like "Falkor", or made sure we didn't slip into the "Swamp of Sadness"...what is your favorite memory from the movie? MTV just posted pictures of the cast then and now....

Barret Oliver was "Bastain" ....

and now Barret Oliver.....

Falkor as he was....

and the actor who voiced our favorite luckdragon

you can see the entire cast THEN & CLICKING HERE!
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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 20 2014 5:28PM
This short video perfectly illustrates the difference between dogs and cats and people who love them!!


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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 20 2014 9:50AM
Beyonce' used last night (Saturday night) to tease the trailer for "50 Shades of Grey" that will be released this Thursday. Yes, it's a tease to the teaser for the movie that will be released in Feb. 2015! Why Beyonce'? The trailer and movie will feature a new version of her song "CRAZY IN LOVE"..which is barely recognizable in this short video!

Watch the Beyonce' teaser here!

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 18 2014 12:01PM
You spend enough time at the office. You might as well be comfortable. These products will change your work attitude for the better - and some of them are actually affordable.

A nap-anywhere pillow.

This totally addictive putty that will clean your keyboard and electronics.

An office chair slash exercise ball.

To see the complete list of cool office must-haves, CLICK HERE
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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 18 2014 8:30AM
Kentucky dad Justin Price dances to "Timber" with his 2-year-old daughter, Malli, after he gets home from work. The video's going viral after his wife, Chessi, posted it on Facebook.

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 18 2014 6:17AM

FORECASTLE 2014 - What to bring and what to leave at home

What can I bring?

To make sure you have everything you'll need while aboard the ship, please feel free to bring the following items with you:

  • Sun block
  • Blankets, sheets and towels
  • Small backpacks and purses
  • Empty water bottle (free, filtered water provided to all patrons via two Eco Vessel Hydration Stations)
  • 1 sealed bottle of water

REMEMBER: All travelers and their belongings are subject to search and prohibited items will be removed at the discretion of the front gate and security staff.

What should I leave at home?

We make every effort to provide an environment where all travelers can fully enjoy their time aboard the ship. With that in mind, kindly leave these items at home:

  • Weapons
  • Food and Drink
  • Alcohol
  • Illegal substances of any kind
  • Umbrellas
  • Coolers
  • Lawn chairs
  • Lasers
  • Glow sticks
  • Stickers
  • Silly String
  • Confetti
  • Glitter
  • Spray Paint
  • Pets (Service Dogs will be permitted)
  • Glass Containers and Metal Aerosol Cans, including Sunscreen in Aerosol Cans
  • Scooters or Personal Motorized Vehicles
  • Recording devices of any kind including professional recording equipment, detachable lens camera, audio recording equipment, and video recording equipment
  • No unauthorized vendors will be permitted
  • No solicitations, handbills, sampling, give-aways, etc.
by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 17 2014 3:18PM

Thank you for being so awesome Barrowford Primary for being this awesome. Other schools should take note. Sometimes it's little things like this that make a huge difference in the education of a child.

Via Reddit

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 17 2014 11:35AM
Nathen Steffel posted this heartbreaking request on Reddit asking for some help to digitally alter this picture of his daughter Sophia who lived her whole life (only six weeks) in the hospital

"Since she was in the hospital her whole life, we never were able to get a phot without all her tubes. Can someone remove the tubes from this photo?"

The response was overwhelming!

Check out the family's response and even more of these amazing pictures HERE

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 17 2014 6:49AM

Meet Officer Chris Kohrs.

Officer Chris Kohrs. He's 36 and lives in San Francisco.

He's 36 and lives in San Francisco.

Even babies pull over to say hi to Officer Chris.

For more about Chris and man candy photos, CLICK HERE.
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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 16 2014 3:39PM

Special thanks to The Peach Truck for this extra special delivery of fresh Georgia Peaches! They were hear Thursday the 10th and will be back in Louisville Thursday July 31st!

9-10:30a Prospect - Brownsboro Hardware
11:30-1 Louisville - Brownsboro Hardware (Windy Hills)
2-3:30 Wallitsch Nursery and Garden
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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 16 2014 3:21PM

The latest cover of Entertainment Weekly has the first look of the Avengers and the villain Ultron. For those not versed in comic lore, Ultron, played by James Spader, is a self aware robot created by Hank Pym (Ant Man).

It also looks like both Iron Man and Captain America are both getting new suits (Jesse isn't happy about having to get ANOTHER new Cap suit). We can expect to see more information about Avengers 2 Age of Ultron as Comic Con draws nearer.

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 16 2014 7:44AM
If you've bought in to the Fitbit craze, you might want to up your game even more and "Tory" your Fitbit. These are fabulous!

Now. They do come with a Tory Burch price. The pendant is $175. The bracelet is $195. If you can do without the bling, the silicon bands are only $38.

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 16 2014 5:25AM
This is a great Family 5k to run or walk! Lunar 5k happens THIS Saturday at 8:30 at Papa Johns Statium. Click HERE to register. Kids and Strollers are welcome let's get ready to light up the night and 100% of the proceeds go to Hosparus.

Did we mention that there will be an Ice Cream truck!???

Here's how much fun Jesse had at the New Albany Lunar 5k was. This is going to be even more fun!

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 15 2014 12:00PM
It may not sound like the greatest way to spend an afternoon, but some very kind people in Minneapolis gave 8-year old Dylan a piano recital he will never forget. After Dylan posted signs advertising his recital, another musician saw the signs and posted them on Facebook.

Dylan's neighbors decided they would rally around him and attend his recital. More than 400 people showed up and thanks to streaming, over 10,000 people saw his recital online. Some even made signs, calling themselves "Dylan Heads."

They even stood during a rain shower to watch Dylan perform.

Now that's "neighborly!"


by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 15 2014 10:26AM
What do you do when a guy asks to marry your daughter and he's just not ready for that step. You sing this. It's the dad's side of the story from Magic!'s Rude. LOVE THIS!

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 15 2014 6:29AM
by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 14 2014 7:56AM

The Ten Little Things That Make Us Happiest

Someone did a survey on the little things that make us happy, and coming in first was . . . finding a $5 bill in your pocket. Other things that made the list are getting into bed with fresh sheets, getting something for free, and getting a compliment from a stranger.

Here's the top 10

1. Finding $5 in your pocket.

2. The sun shining.

3. Getting up to the cashier and finding whatever you were buying was actually on sale and cheaper than you expected.

4. Getting into bed with fresh sheets.

5. Getting something for free.

6. Doing something nice for a stranger.

7. Booking a trip.

8. Getting a compliment from a stranger.

9. When you hear a good song come on the radio.

10. Completing a long list of tasks.

See the full Top 20 HERE

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 12 2014 11:43AM
Do you love traveling? George (from Lambert & Lindsey Show) does! He and his wife, Deanna have a blog about it. This week...George writes about what would HEAVEN ON EARTH look like....and he found his answer in San Marino.

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 10 2014 9:35AM
The nominations are in for this year's Emmy's which will be handed out on August 25th.
The two biggest categories:

Outstanding Drama Series
Breaking Bad
Downton Abbey
Game of Thrones
House of Cards
Mad Men
True Detective

Outstanding Comedy Series
Big Bang
Modern Family
Orange Is the New Black
Silicon Valley

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 10 2014 9:28AM
This is stupidly cute...and now we want a station hedgehog!!!
(make sure to stick with it-- does the little guy at :42 look like Jesse or George)

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 10 2014 7:20AM did a study of how educated people sound on twitter and they found out that your average tweet is at a 4th Grade level. Jesse was happy to find out that he is actually above average (Only at a 6th Grade Level). You can see how you stack up against celebs and politicians (The president is at a 7th Grade level). Here is how we stack up on the show.

George - Glindsey1023 - 4th Grade
Lynda - Llambert
1023 - 4th Grade
Jesse - JesseRas - 6th Grade

(Click on the pic to find out how you stack up)
by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 10 2014 6:38AM
We just got a Go Pro camera and were wondering what to do with it. Recording Childbirth was not one of the things that popped up on our list. Troy Dickerson drove his wife to the hospital wearing the Go Pro but unfortunatly the baby wouldn't wait so they captured the magical moment on on camera. Don't worry all the icky parts have been censored.

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 10 2014 6:29AM
It would be even funnier...if it wasn't sooooooooo true!

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 9 2014 10:51AM
Someone released the unedited (no digital enhancing) version of Britany Spear's new track Alien and it's a little rough. We all know that her music is autotuned but dang! Her producer has since said that this was a warm up track and NOT the finished product. I don't know who she ticked off but releasing this was nasty!

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 9 2014 6:57AM
Passangers aboard a Frontier airlines flight were grounded due to storms in Cheyenne Wyo. That is a pain in the butt, as anyone who has ever been stuck on the runway knows, but the pilot did maybe the coolest thing an airline pilot could ever do. He ordered Dominos Pizza for the entire flight.

Dominoes manager, Adam Ritchie says he got a call from the pilot saying, "I need to feed my entire plane"

The "Whole Plane" ended up being about 160 people. Dominoes delivered 36 pizzas to the plane which were quickly passesd out right as the plane was allowed to leave. I think airlines need a pizza sponsorship for occasions like this.

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 9 2014 5:59AM
This is labeled as "LEAKED FOOTAGE" from the set of the New Star Wars movie...while that's NOT true, it's still some very cool special effects. Don't know about you, but it just makes us want to see the new movie even more!

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 8 2014 12:39PM

These days a family of four spends up to $300 a week on groceries, according to government surveys. But you can save a LOT of money by NOT buying certain things at the grocery store. Start with these ten . . .

1. Salad dressing. You can make a vinaigrette at home in less than a minute, by combining one part vinegar and three parts oil, then adding salt and pepper. Save calories, money, and most of the space on the inside of your refrigerator door.

2. Gift cards. You do it because you forgot to buy a gift and you're in a hurry. But the activation fees are $5 or more, even for a $50 card. You can get a gift card to the store itself with no activation fees.

3. Greeting cards. You spend $4 on one card and it's corny. You could buy 50 blank cards and envelopes from Amazon for $7, and write your own messages.

4. Name brand spices. Too expensive, and most people can't tell the difference. Get bulk spices from a health food store, or grow your own herbs in a window planter.

5. Flowers. The pre-made bouquets tend to wilt quickly, and they're filled with a lot of greenery and not enough actual flowers. You can save money by buying single flowers and making your own arrangement.

6. Party supplies. Just get them at the dollar store. You'll pay less than half as much, and they might even have a better selection.

7. Lunchables. They're REALLY unhealthy, especially the pepperoni pizza kind. It takes almost no time in the morning to make a sandwich for a school lunch. There's no reason to pay lots of money AND sacrifice your kids' health, just to save a few minutes.

8. Batteries. Groceries make them extra-expensive because they know you never think to buy them until you need them. You get a much better deal buying in bulk at Costco, or using rechargeables.

9. Bottled water. It's usually no safer than tap water, and it costs 1,000 times more. If you don't like the taste of tap water, get a Brita or a filter for your faucet. Then use stainless steel water bottles and keep refilling them.

10. Diapers. Again, there's a big markup because you usually don't buy them until you're out. Buy in bulk from Amazon or Costco, and save a lot of money.

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 8 2014 8:52AM
Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun got married over the weekend and Tom Hanks was present, dancing, dressed as a rabbi, singing along to "This is How We Do It." Sadly we had to go to Justin Bieber's Instagram to find this BUT it's worth it.

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 8 2014 6:29AM
On the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon did his Neil Young impression with Crosby, Stills, and Nash to cover Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" and it's really really good!

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by Jesse Rasmussen posted Jul 7 2014 8:24PM
UPDATE: 7/8/14 Here's the latest Guardians of the Galaxy extended trailer

I got to sit in on a special 17 minute preview of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy in IMAX 3D and while it wasn't a lot it did give just enough to want more. It was about 16 of completely unseen footage of the Guardians being checked into a prison and then breaking out of it. There was about a minute or so of stuff we've seen the trailers but that was more of a set up.

I give the IMAX 3D experience 8.5 out of 10. The IMAX was amazing and the 3D was good but it wasn't completely utilized. Still it looked like it was worth shelling out the extra money.

Bradley Cooper will make this movie! He pretty much stole this 17 minutes of film with his humor and actual badassness. Yes that tiny raccoon is very tough. Vin Diesel as Groot was actually pretty funny too. Not sure yet if we're going to get annoyed with him only saying "I am Groot."

I could really try and analyze this 17 minutes of footage but ultimatly it was a great preview. If you're new to the Marvel Movies, this is a great movie to jump in on because as far as I could tell, you don't have to have seen any of the previous movies to understand or enjoy this one. They showed me 17 minutes and I left wanting so much more!

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 7 2014 3:01PM
We know it's a commercial!

We know it's meant to get a reaction!

We know, We know...but we still keep watching this!

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 7 2014 1:10PM

According to It is National Chocolate Day! YAYAY!!!! As if we needed another reason to eat chocolate (It is a Monday after all) but we'll take it!.

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 7 2014 8:00AM
Dj Jazzy Jeff, many may remember him as Will Smith's buddy in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, was performing in Philly Jam when he busted out this remix of the original Super Mario Theme. We like this, a lot!

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 7 2014 7:11AM
A Farmer uses a "skidder" to help save a young black bear - we kept thinking of Winnie The Pooh getting his head stuck in the honey jar! All ends well!

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 5 2014 8:24AM
Ever wonder what the fireworks loook like not just from the sky, we see that with heilcopter coverage!

But what about from inside the fireworks, INSIDE THE you can see it and it's beautiful (wasn't a big fan of the music on the video)! This video was filmed in West Palm Beach, Florida

This video was taken back May, 2014 - Flying through a fireworks show with a DJI Phantom 2 drone and filming it with a GoPro Hero 3 silver. The quad was not damaged.
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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 3 2014 6:30PM
These are examples of Pinterest being mostly used for evil as opposed to good. Don't try this at home!




by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 3 2014 2:16PM
Henry Cavill returns as Superman in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Director Zach Snyder just released this pic of Henry Cavill. Whew is it hot in here or is it just Superman??? Looking good!

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 3 2014 1:33PM
FINALLY! A look behind the scenes of Season 5 of "Walking Dead"
(and this is George: at 1:10 in, is there a sexier "dirty" person in world than Maggie)

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 3 2014 9:44AM
Jesse was in Florida at the beach last week and he saw something that is keeping him up at night. The Toilet Plunger Beer Koozie. Genius or Stupid?

Btw if you do this, we reccommend you cleaning the plunger first.

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 3 2014 8:50AM

1. The recall affects the buckle, not the whole seat, and as such the seats can still be used.

2. Models affected (and manufacture date) included:

  • SnugRide: March 2011 - May 2013
  • SnugRide Classic Connect: March 2011 - May 2013
  • SnugRide 30: July 2010 - January 2013
  • SnugRide Classic Connect 30: July 2010 - January 2013
  • SnugRide 35: May 2011 - January 2013
  • SnugRide Classic Connect 35: May 2011 - January 2013
  • SnugRide Click Connect 40: June 2012 - December 2012
  • ApricaA30: July 2011 - April 2012

3. To determine whether your car seat is affected, look under or behind your car seat, locate the white label, and note the name and date of manufacture. It should look like this:

Graco model

4. Graco will provide a free buckle replacement. While waiting for your replacement, the company suggests cleaning the existing buckle.

5. To get your repair kit, to check if your seat is under the recall, or for other information, visit Graco's buckle recall site or call 877-766-7470.

Any other questions check out Graco's Website

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 3 2014 7:03AM
Tim Howard is the Goalie for the US Men's Soccer Team. Although the US lost and are out of the World Cup, Tim Howard was a beast with a record 16 saves! Now Memes have popped up with the Here are the best we've seen

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 3 2014 6:35AM
Our National Anthem has gone through several changes over the years. Originally it sounded very different. Check it out. What do you think? Which version do you like better?

This is from a CD called 'Poets and Patriots: A Tuneful History of The Star Spangled Banner'

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 2 2014 6:30PM
Learn from these people how NOT to take uncomfortable family photos while you're barbecuing and shooting off bottle rockets. But if you do not learn from their "mistakes," PLEASE send us your photos. We would love to see them...


by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 2 2014 6:52AM
This is the NEW Adam Levine (of Maroon 5) song from the movie "Begin Again" (co-starring Keira Knightley).

We love it, no question he can sing , as our Intern Dot says "...and he looks good doing it"

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 1 2014 6:17PM
We are all about these....SOLAR BENCHES that let's you charge your smart phone or device. We need these at all our parks, especially along our waterfront here in Louisville!

​CNET had this to say about a project that is adding them around Boston and Cambridge, Mass

"The Soofa is a solar-powered bench that can be used to charge small gadgets via USB. That's not the outdoor furniture's only trick. Each bench also acts as a data hub, collecting information on noise levels and air quality. That data will be accessible online, so you can check to see if it's sunny, cool, quiet, or loud at your favorite park bench location."

Call your Metro Council person and tell them to add these!


(pictures by CNET & Engadget)
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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 1 2014 1:30PM
When you start to carve the watermelon for Fourth of July, see if you can copy any of these. Some "mad watermelon" skills required!

watermelon carvings rabbit



by Lambert & Lindsey posted Jul 1 2014 6:13AM
A great birthday surprise for a cute dog - 59 seconds of smile inducing fun!