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by Mo Rose posted Oct 12 2015 1:56PM
Planking and Owling? So five years ago.

There's a NEW social media trend that really highlights just how stupid you really are.


Extreme Phone Pinching.

#extremephonepinching #hk #bye2 #iphone #newtrend

A photo posted by MuSz SuHaiLie (@mr_musz) on

You take your phone, hold it loosely with just your thumb and forefinger...

...then dangle it over a dangerous place &

a friend take a picture of you.

#extremephonepinching #nofilter

A photo posted by @bmreinke on

Why? Because it's cool.


Even the DJ's are doing it.

%u0413%u043E%u0441%u043F%u043E%u0436%u0430 @dany_firefly %u0443%u0437%u043D%u0430%u043B%u0430 %u043F%u0440%u043E %u043D%u043E%u0432%u044B%u0439 %u0442%u0440%u0435%u043D%u0434 - "%u0441%u0435%u043B%u0444%u0438 %u0441 %u0442%u0435%u043B%u0435%u0444%u043E%u043D%u043E%u043C, %u043A%u043E%u0442%u043E%u0440%u044B%u0439 %u0434%u0435%u0440%u0436%u0438%u0442%u0441%u044F %u043A%u043E%u043D%u0447%u0438%u043A%u0430%u043C%u0438 %u043F%u0430%u043B%u044C%u0446%u0435%u0432" - %u0438%u0437 %u0432%u044B%u043F%u0443%u0441%u043A%u0430 %u043D%u043E%u0432%u043E%u0441%u0442%u0435%u0439, %u0438 %u0442%u0443%u0442 %u0436%u0435 %u0440%u0435%u0448%u0438%u043B%u0430 %u043F%u043E%u0441%u043B%u0435%u0434%u043E%u0432%u0430%u0442%u044C %u043C%u043E%u0434%u043D%u043E%u043C%u0443 %u0432%u0435%u044F%u043D%u0438%u044E... #europapluskhv #extremephonepinching

A photo posted by %u0414%u0435%u043D%u0438%u0441 %u041A%u043E%u0432%u0430%u043B%u0435%u0432 (@denikovale) on

Just kiding! He doesn't work for us.

We're looking forward to the #ExtremePhonePinching Fails.

Those will be funny.

And expensive.
by Mo Rose posted Oct 9 2015 12:18PM
From You Tube

Here's a peek at what your kids will be dragging you to see in the next few years....
Spoiler alert: Most of it looks pretty familiar.

There ARE a few newbies joining the group --

Be prepared to purchase some new toys after

The Good Dinosaur is released around Thanksgiving.

We still have another year before Pixar's Day of the Dead themed film, Coco hits theaters.

But check out who's swimming back into our hearts this summer??

Better get the toy cars out of retirement before Summer of 2017.

We know how much you LOVE stepping on those.

%uD83D%uDE97 BREAKING NEWS %uD83D%uDE97 #Cars3 is set to release on June 16, 2017! (%uD83D%uDCF7 & info from: @disneyfilmfacts )

A photo posted by Lotso Huggin Bear (@lotsos.adventures) on

Another familiar family will join the new release list for June of 2019.

We're pretty sure the MOST anticipated sequel will be...


Woah! @disneypixar just released the dates for their upcoming films & the #ToyStory4 poster looks epic!

A photo posted by CollegeHumor (@collegehumor) on

Better start stocking up on those tissues.
by Mo Rose posted Oct 6 2015 12:16PM
44th Annual CMA Awards - Arrivals
Taylor Swift finally returned from tour and embraced her beloved Meredith...

who did NOT seem as happy to see her.

The caption is spot on.

Meredith is allergic to joy.

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

If you've ever wondered how Taylor survives when she's away from her cats?

She brings giant, cardboard cut-outs
of them with her.

When you can't take your cats to Canada so you hug a cardboard version of them but it's NOT THE SAME.

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

And this is somehow the woman who currently controls the universe.

by Mo Rose posted Oct 6 2015 11:08AM
Photo By Zach Dischner
It happens every year.

And we're NEVER ready.

The Cold Is Coming

CURRENT TEMPERATURE: 55 degrees. FEELS LIKE: The end of the world.

Posted by The Huffington Post on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Don't go through it alone....#Brrrrr
by Mo Rose posted Oct 5 2015 3:14PM
Elle Style Awards 2015 - Arrivals
Sam Smith was given the honor of singing the theme song for the new James Bond film, Spectre.

He dropped the video on us last night.


by Mo Rose posted Oct 5 2015 12:17PM
29th Annual Fashion Group International Night of Stars "The Dreamcatchers"
The 3rd installment of the Bridget Jones franchise is called Bridget Jones' Baby.

It's due out next September and will chart her life a decade after Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason left off.

Oh, and did we mention it will include...McDreamy?!

Find out more about Bridget Jones' Baby, HERE.
by Mo Rose posted Oct 2 2015 5:15PM
MODE magazine
So many pretty dresses...

Except for the 80's.

We're still shuddering...
by Mo Rose posted Oct 1 2015 11:35AM
You Tube
So THIS happened.

Honey Boo Boo came out with her own rap video.

And out of our own, grotesque curiousity...we decided to watch it.

And now YOU have to, as well.

We apologize, in advanced.

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