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Eats & Tweets (Restaurant Reviews)

by George Lindsey posted Jan 20 2014 9:00PM

Game - A Review

So I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried GAME.  GAME is a restaurant on Lexington road that serves a variety of exotic meats in burger form and meatballs.  I had heard great things, but had been a bit hesitate to pull the trigger.  (pun intended)

Don't be me,  go the first chance you get.  This quirky little space, formerly a bike shop, is stuffed with delicious flavors that will challenge you brain but satisfy your taste buds.  

Deanna and I met 3 friends at GAME for dinner, on a Saturday night.  To start , we spilt the meatball trio appetizer.  We chose antelope, wild boar and kangaroo.  All were tasty, the antelope the most gamey, but it was still my favorite.  The ladies liked the wild boar best. 

I asked for suggestions on twitter:

This was just excellent advice that lead to the outstanding dish of the night - the bone marrow appetizer.  It's a split beef femur bone packed with the gooey goodness, topped with bread crumbs, that is bone marrow. You spread it on toast - it sounds disgusting but was absolutely a highlight for everyone at the table.  It had a slightly salty beefy flavor and spreads like butter.  Stop your squirming, and try it - you will NOT be sorry.  

The meal itself was really good, not great - the burgers were fine, actually the duck burger wound up as the favorite.  Overall, a good experience - however I do have issues with the way customers are handled on arrival.  Again, this was a Saturday night - busy night, I know.  However, the person serving as host was also a server and did a bad job communicating the wait time or organizing the overflow crowd.  People were left to wonder about the wait, where to stand or how to get served by the ONE bartender handling the bar.  

When were were finally seated, after an hour wait - again not my issue here - people we standing on top of us as we tried to enjoy our meal and the bumping and jostling detracted from an other wise pleasant experience.  

So here are my ratings:
FOOD - 7.5 out of 10
PRICE - $$ ( for two, our ticket was $57.48 and no cocktails) 2 apps 2 burgers & Fries 
ATMOSPHERE:  Frustrating and I combine service here 5.5 out of 10
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01/20/2014 7:47PM
Eats & Tweets (Restaurant Reviews)
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