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Dog shaming undermines a pets' self-esteem

by Lambert and Lindsey posted Nov 7 2013 1:05PM

Vets and animal welfare experts say that posting those pictures of your dog with a written explanation of what they've done wrong is actually undermining their dignity. This is leading to increased or chronic stress, depression and even spite. They say that you think you are taking a picture of your dog feeling guilty but dogs don't can't feel guilt. Dogs are actually feeling anxiety and fear.
See the full article or check out some more hilarious examples of dog shaming.
What do you think? Harmless fun or Pet bullying? 
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11/07/2013 1:05PM
Dog shaming undermines a pets' self-esteem
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11/07/2013 9:45PM
Dog Shaming
I love it and even love the picture, but I did indeed find a typo... the Don't/Can't should be Do Not / Cannot. I had an English major co-worker that would correct me all the time and now I catch myself doing it!!! LMAO!!!! Love you though!
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