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Does Your Car have a name?

by Jesse Rasmussen posted Jan 14 2014 8:13AM

According to a new survey, one out of every four people who NAME their car give it a name that starts with the letter "B."


The five most common names for cars all start with "B":  Baby, Betsy, Bessie, Black Beauty, and Betty.


The people behind the survey didn't speculate on why "B" names are so popular for cars, and we really don't know either.


The survey also found about one in five people name their car . . . and women are much more likely than men to name their car.


Also, half of people think their car has a GENDER . . . people are twice as likely to think of their car as female than male. 

George calls his truck Clifford the Big Red Truck, Jesse's is the 94 T-Bird of Prey. Lynda's doesn't have one but she says she KNOWs it's a female.

What's your car's name? 

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01/14/2014 8:13AM
Does Your Car have a name?
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01/22/2014 8:51AM
My cars name!
My first car was a 2002 Impala and I named it Hank. He looked like an old man to me, haha. My car now is a 2012 Mazda 3 and his name is Prince Henry. I am not sure why I stick to old men names, I just like them!
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