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Creepy Audio from a Recorder Left at Waverly Hills

by Jesse Rasmussen posted Oct 31 2013 2:39PM

We CANNOT confirm the authenticity of this audio BUT it comes to us from someone we find to be reliable. The story as told by us is that this audio comes from a group of people who were camping near the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. While there they were too scared to stay the night and just left. Their recorder along with this audio was found by a security guard.

Many have said that the odd screaming you hear in the background are that of spirits that haunt the grounds. We cannot confim this but you be the judge.


10/31/2013 2:39PM
Creepy Audio from a Recorder Left at Waverly Hills
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10/31/2013 10:22PM
Spirit that haunts the grounds.
Just so heart felt sad : (
11/01/2013 7:44AM
Sounds like a woman crying, saying "oh, my baby!"
11/02/2013 10:04PM
NOTHING scares me...
Except this!!! I never believe any of this junk. I typically make fun of people who believe such things (never claimed to be a nice person). I watch horror movies regularly. Why does this creep me out so much?!?
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