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by Jesse Rasmussen posted Dec 19 2014 6:46AM
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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Dec 18 2014 6:48AM
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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Dec 18 2014 6:38AM
Cats Vs Christmas Trees. SPOILER ALERT: The Cats win

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Dec 11 2014 6:16AM
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by Jesse Rasmussen posted Dec 9 2014 6:56AM
Someone with perhaps too much time on their hands took all the Marvel movies and made Christmas songs out of them. The Hulk line is the best!

And a bonus! Groot singing Jingle Bells.

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Dec 5 2014 7:46AM
by Jesse Rasmussen posted Dec 5 2014 5:56AM
Lots of updates for today! We have a Terminator Trailer and a few casting notices!

FINALLY! Ryan Reynolds is going to ruin some other franchise! Ok that's harsh. He should have been deadpool all along and left the Green Lantern ring to someone more worthy. He took to twitter to tease what we've all been hoping for all along. Deadpool is slated to start filming in March. (VIA Coming Soon)

Also in AWESOME Casting news. Marvel has finally confirmed that Benedict Cumberbatch will become the Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Strange! (VIA Marvel)

Netflix's new Marvel series has also cast Krysten Ritter to Play Jessica Jones (Heroes for Hire maybe?)
(VIA Deadline)

BONUS! New Terminator Genisys Trailer! The action looks good in this. Nice to see Arnold back with an actual role in this but it all looks confusing. Hopefully they will bring order to all the chaos in the terminator franchise timelines.
by Lambert & Lindsey posted Dec 4 2014 9:11AM
End of the year and DJ Earworm has taken all of the big pop hits and made it into one song and it's pretty awesome!

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Dec 3 2014 11:34AM

Here is the hilarious goat version of Star Wars Episode VII we played this morning.

Oh and for good goat measure the goat version of the empirial death march. Bravo to those guys!

Thanks to our friends at delicious audio for the goat trailer!
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