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by Sarah Jordan posted Jul 10 2014 3:29PM
If you need a smile or a laugh...what better way than watching this adorable video of a baby named Jack discovering books for the 1st time. The result is HILARIOUS!
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by Sarah Jordan posted Jul 9 2014 12:55PM
November cannot come soon enough! Behold the brand new Mockingjay Teaser..."THE MOCKINGJAY LIVES"!
by Sarah Jordan posted Jul 9 2014 9:17AM
This may be the sweetest 7 yr old, and future entrepreneur! 7-year-old Quinn Callender came home from school one day and told his mom that his buddy Brayden needed to have expensive surgery… and that he wanted to help. So Quinn constructed a lemonade stand and started selling cups to shoppers outside of a local grocery store. Brayden Grozdanich, also 7, suffers from cerebral palsy and needed to have this life-changing procedure done. These two cute kids live in Canada but the surgery Brayden needed is only done in New Jersey and costs $20,000!
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It occurred to Quinn's parents that their son might need some help if they were going to raise that much money. So, in addition to the lemonade stand, Quinn's mom Heather started an online crowdfunding campaign called My Buddy Brayden. They set their goal at $20K, which would cover Brayden's surgery. But before long, they had raised over $50 THOUSAND!

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by Sarah Jordan posted Jul 8 2014 4:01PM

Jennifer Lawrence Face-Palmed Emma Watson

Katniss and Hermione hung out at the Dior Fashion Show and it was epic.

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by Sarah Jordan posted Jul 8 2014 12:39PM
This 2 year old boy is such an inspiration! "I GOT IT, I GOT IT," he exclaims at the 1:03 mark! Get your tissues ready: You're gonna need them after watching this short video of little Kayden Elijah Kinckle, a 2-year-old amputee who has totally, completely, got this walking thing down. As mom Nikki wrote in the comments on the YouTube video, Kayden was born with an omphalocele, a type of hernia that sometimes leaves organs to grow outside the baby's navel. Kayden's omphalocele wasn't as large as doctors originally predicted, but a band wrapped around his legs and led to deformities that made amputations necessary.
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by Sarah Jordan posted Jul 7 2014 1:54PM
Did you read this book? The movie looks CREEPY! Ben Affleck, Neil Patrick Harris and MORE!
by Sarah Jordan posted Jul 7 2014 1:08PM

This Couple's Wedding Pictures Were Photobombed By A Tornado And They Look Totally Badass

A Canadian couple nearly had a Wizard of Oz moment when a tornado formed behind their wedding photo shoot.

"We just happened to be at the right place at the right time in good old Saskatchewan, Canada," photographer Colleen Niska told BuzzFeed. "We went out to take pictures, just me and the bride and groom, and happen to spot the funnel cloud close by."


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by Sarah Jordan posted Jul 2 2014 9:11AM
MUST WATCH! This guy is INCREDIBLE! A guy named Rob Cantor does the impression of 29 CELEBRITIES such as Shakira, Cher, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, Jack Black, Jeff Goldblum, Kermit The Frog, Billie Holiday, and 21 others with one original song called "PERFECT"!

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by Sarah Jordan posted Jul 2 2014 9:09AM
SHOUTS TO MUSSEL & BURGER BAR! TripAdvisor named the Top 10 burger joints across the country and a Louisville restaurant made the list! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL LIST!
by Sarah Jordan posted Jul 1 2014 9:27AM
Seriously grab a tissue before you watch this amazing story!

Doctors are crediting Bruno Mars' music with helping 11-year-old car crash victim Zumyah Thorpe's recovery after nurses played his songs to her every night in the hospital — with significant results. After being in a coma and loosing her pregnant mother and sisters in the accident, Zumyah woke up, able to sing lines from Bruno's hit, Just The Way You Are — which was phenomenal, considering the amount of brain trauma she had!

Bruno heard about her story, invited her to his show, and sang "Just The Way You Are" to her on stage! WATCH BELOW!

Photo: Zumyah tonight you gave my band and I something we've never felt before. you're an inspiration to the world! #WeLoveYouZumyah

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