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BAD ROMANCE: Can Christmas Be Practical?

by Lambert and Lindsey posted Dec 5 2013 7:52AM

John's girlfriend recently lost her job. She's been having a rough time finding a new one so he thought he would help with things she needs. He wants to get her a new vaccum (she needs it), gift card for new tires, oil changes for a year etc instead of something flashy like diamonds or an iPad (which she doesn't need). Can you ever go practical at Christmas or is this a bad idea?
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12/05/2013 7:52AM
BAD ROMANCE: Can Christmas Be Practical?
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12/05/2013 8:14AM
Can Christmas be practical
John this is a BAD BAD BAD idea, UNLESS she specifically asked for a Dyson, tires, and oil changes, etc. Get her something nice that she will enjoy (but not too expensive) and then give her those items a couple weeks AFTER Christmas to help her out. If u give her a vacuum you r telling her she needs to clean better. New tires and oil changes are saying she does a terrible job maintaining her car. Also remember all her friends and family will ask what her bf gave her for get where I'm going with this? Lol. You don't want to go there.
12/05/2013 10:19AM
From my female perspective vacuum=work, tires=safety. I'd pass on the vacuum but think tires are a thoughtful and practical gift especially if she needs them and winter is upon us. Tires are expensive and needing them can be stressful when money is tight. Definitely make sure to throw in something else though like jewelry ir perfume.
12/16/2013 7:29AM
Another female perspective. . .I totally agree with "Thoughful". There's been times in my life I wish I had someone that was thoughful enough to have bought something for me that I so needed, but my budget couldn't afford. Possibly even give it as an early present to free up the stress of "Do I put my tires on hold or buy gifts?" But of course, suprise her on Christmas with another gift she would love just for her.
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