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5 Things to do inside with the kids today!

by Jesse Rasmussen posted Jan 6 2014 9:01AM
1. Photo Shoot: (Take dress up to the next level)
- Pull out old Halloween Costumes and anything wearable and appropriate.
- Face Make up is always a fun edition.
- Get your camera, it’s going to be photo worthy
- Think of some random activity to do as they wear their garb like bake cookies, do a silly craft, play twister, etc… 
2. Movie in a Fort: This is always a favorite.

- Breakout the pillows and sheets and build a giant fort in front of the TV.
- Have a Fort Picnic. Make sure to be mindful when you pick your menu and choose things with minimal mess factor.
- Choose a fun movie
- Enjoy the snuggle time while they’re not bouncing off the walls of your house. 

3. Frozen Scavenger Hunt: A sure hit for your mini-archeologists. This requires a little planning ahead, but it’s so simple.

- Find a few waterproof toys they can live without. i/e. Toy Dino, cars, blocks
- Grab gallon zip lock bag or mold of your choice
- Fill with water and drop in the toys.
 - Find a safe out of the way place in your freezer and the next time you need a go-to project, you’re set.
- Use age appropriate tools to chisel away at the ice to reveal the frozen treasures. Salt works as well. Make sure to place your ice block in a pan to capture the mess as it melts. 

4. Camp In: Grab all that camping gear out of the garage and put it to good use.

- Find an ideal spot in the house to “set up camp”
- My indoor camping list is always: Tent, sleeping bags, Glow Sticks or flash lights, pillows, and anything and everything they want to include on their adventure.
- Close the shades. Whatever your kiddos are comfortable with. My kids love playing with their glow sticks and flashlights. So they always say the darker the better.
- The little ones might enjoy adventure themes such as: a bug hunt, a dinosaur adventure or cowboys on a trail…anything goes with them. The older kids will usually do their own thing. Dolls or Legos, maybe initiate a board game you know they love.
- Serve lunch in the tent. It’s like an indoor picnic.
- Smores in the microwave. Delish!
- Wind down after lunch with some storytime by glow stick light. ;) The perfect time to snug with your bugs. Transition into naptime or keep up the momentum with some more fun. Take a break and pop in a movie. The options are endless at this rainy day campsite. 
5. Celebrate a Birthday: Designate this rainy day for their favorite doll or toy’s birthday and celebrate. Everyone loves a good birthday party.

- Make Cards
- Bake a Cake
- Have a birthday dance party
- Decorate the house
- Wrap presents 
To see more ideas like this check out Louisville Family Fun's Website

What do you do with the kids on a snow day? (well in this case a cold day)

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01/06/2014 9:01AM
5 Things to do inside with the kids today!
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