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10 Things that Husband's Say that Drive Wives Crazy

by Lynda Lambert posted Jan 22 2014 8:01AM
  1. "Do you want me to ... xyz?" You will probably reply with, "No, I'll do it myself" -- letting him off the hook.
  2. "We need to ..." -- Yeah, you know if he says "we," he's referring to you, not himself. "We need to lose weight." "We need to book the babysitter for Friday night."
  3. "What do YOU want?" -- Why do husbands insist on answering a question with a question? We ask them what they want to have for dinner, and they say, "What would YOU like to have?" It's not being considerate. It's just frustrating!.
  4. "You never told me that." -- Translation: "I wasn't listening to a single word you said, because I never do."
  5. "Where is xyz?" -- This is his way of getting you to look for something so he doesn't have to. We are apparently the keeper of all things. Yeah right!
  6. "Well I thought you wanted to ..." -- It’s like he’s saying "I really wanted to do this other thing you mentioned in passing but if you want to TOTALLY change the plans because you think it will make me happier then fiiiiiine."
  7. "See?" -- Said after a problem we have manages to work itself out. It has kind of a condescending tone, like, "Silly girl and all your worrying."
  8. "Yes, dear." -- Quit trying to pacify us and grow a backbone, for crying out loud.
  9. "I don't know how." --  I'm not your mother. Figure it out.
  10. "Whatever you want, honey." -- This is code for, "I'm not in the mood to argue with you right now. Hopefully this will shut you up.
  11. Honorable Mention- CALM DOWN. This should never ever be said to a woman EVER! This would be like throwing gasoline on a flame and then trying to put it out newspapers in a room filled with natural gas.
List via (The Stir)
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01/22/2014 8:01AM
10 Things that Husband's Say that Drive Wives Crazy
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