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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Oct 21 2014 9:23AM
Drive You Crazy Carpool Mom

Looking for a "sexy" costume, Mom? One that doesn't require a lot of time or money. The Today Show gives you several inspired ideas..

To see the full story, click here:
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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Oct 17 2014 7:39AM
There's a new list out of the top 15 songs from the 2,000's that you're embarrassed to admit you know all the words to. That got us thinking about those embarrassing songs that are on your playlist. We all have a few. Can you beat Lynda's? She has Ethel Merman's God Bless America, Liza Minelli, and Flo Rida back to back.

Jesse says he has no regrets about any of the 2,000's songs on his phone. Except Ricky Martin. Lots of regrets there.
by Lambert & Lindsey posted Oct 16 2014 5:59AM
Lionsgate just opened ticket sales for this fall's release of "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1" and along with that comes a short new trailer featuring footage from the first chapter in the two-part finale. The movie comes out November 21st. Watch the newest trailer here.

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Oct 14 2014 6:53AM
At about the 5 second mark of this video is where we would probably soil ourselves in real life. Whoever crafted this thing deserves whatever they get in the afterlife...Ok we want one.

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Oct 14 2014 6:35AM
Charlie is 8 years old and one of his favorite movies is "Dirty Dancing". He just can't watch it without getting up and dancing to it. We're not gonna lie, Charlie's got some moves! Is there a movie that your kid is OBSESSED with? (Well besides frozen)

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Oct 14 2014 6:01AM
At Demi Lovato's show the other night in Illinois, there was a five-year-old kid in the audience holding up a sign that said he had a ring for her.

So she brought him up on stage and let him
propose to her. (His name is Grant. She walked him through the whole thing and told him what to do. But he nailed it, and he got her to say yes.)

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Oct 11 2014 10:00AM

Our friends at BarkBox have put together a list of DIY dog costumes, complete with instructions. To see the photos and read the article, click here:
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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Oct 10 2014 9:41AM
We asked you guys for your favorite Bloody Mary Recipe and you didn't disappoint! We narrowed our submissions to the top 5 and called in our panel of "expert" judges.
Billy from the Hard Rock Cafe, Josh from the Mercury Ballroom, and KBA Hall of Famer and Alpha Media Sales Manager Tom "Moondog" Ulmer.

They carefully tried each drink and came up with a winner!

Congrats to Kristina Smith!

The Winning Recipe
16-20oz glass
1 "healthy shot of Absolut vodka over ice
3 dashes of black pepper
3 dashes of luzianne cajun seasoning
3 dashes of wochestershire sause
2 dashes of Louisiana red hot sauce
Fill glass with Mott's tomato juice
Shake 3 times then pour back into glass
Garnish with olive and a pickled spicy green bean

Thanks to the Hard Rock Cafe and Don the Bartender, Actor's Theater, and The Mercury Ballroom

Hear how it all went down!

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Oct 10 2014 7:51AM
Ladies who are fighting the good fight against the buldge (or guys too, yes Manx exist). This one is for you!

Via our friends at Delicious Audio.
by Lambert & Lindsey posted Oct 7 2014 8:04AM
Jimmy Fallon and Will.I.Am in drag. How could this not be hilarious!? (Here's a hint. It is anything but EW!)

by Lambert & Lindsey posted Oct 2 2014 11:17AM
Cute Dog Playing with Bubbles in Slow-Motion. That's all. Enjoy

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by Lambert & Lindsey posted Oct 1 2014 6:34AM
This little girl is cracking us up this morning. She's trying but she just can't quite get it right. Still 100% cuteness