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1 Hot Male Celeb from Each State.

by Lambert and Lindsey posted Nov 26 2013 8:48AM

Adam Lambert (IN) and Josh Hutcherson (KY) were the men chosen by people for Indiana and Kentucky. No offense to these guys but I feel like they could have done better to represent our states. Suggestions? Here's the entire list too.

Alabama:  Channing Tatum

Alaska:  Mario Chalmers of the Miami Heat

Arizona:  Dierks Bentley

Arkansas:  Wes Bentley

California:  Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Colorado:  Don Cheadle

Connecticut:  Dylan McDermott

Delaware:  Ryan Phillippe

Florida:  Enrique Iglesias

Georgia:  Usher

Hawaii:  Jason Momoa

Idaho:  Aaron Paul

Illinois:  John Cusack

Indiana:  Adam Lambert

Idaho:  Ashton Kutcher

Kansas:  Paul Rudd

Kentucky:  Josh Hutcherson

Louisiana:  Ian Somerhalder

Maine:  Patrick Dempsey

Maryland:  Edward Norton

Massachusetts:  John Slattery from "Mad Men"

Michigan:  Tom Brady

Minnesota:  Garrett Hedlund

Mississippi:  Lance Bass

Missouri:  Jon Hamm

Montana:  Patrick Duffy

Nebraska:  Actor Bryan Greenberg

Nevada:  Ne-Yo

New Hampshire:  Seth Meyers

New Jersey:  Jon Stewart

New Mexico:  Neil Patrick Harris

New York:  Robert Downey Jr.

New Mexico: Neil Patrick Harris 

North Carolina: "Dexter" star Michael C. Hall

North Dakota:  Kellan Lutz

Ohio:  Justin Chambers from "Grey's Anatomy"

Oklahoma:  Blake Shelton

Oregon:  Eric Christian Olsen

Pennsylvania:  Bradley Cooper

Rhode Island:  Charlie Day

South Carolina:  Aziz Ansari

South Dakota:  Tom Brokaw

Tennessee:  Chord Overstreet

Texas:  Matt Bomer

Utah:  Brandon Flowers from the Killers

Vermont:  Tim Daly

Virginia:  Trey Songz

Washington:  Apolo Anton Ohno

West Virginia:  Brad Paisley

Wisonsin:  Mark Ruffalo

Wyoming:  Harrison Ford . . . He's not from Wyoming, but he's called it home for years now.



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11/26/2013 8:49AM
1 Hot Male Celeb from Each State.
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11/26/2013 3:07PM
KY=Josh Dallas
11/26/2013 4:55PM
Kentucky & Indiana
Indiana = Josh Dallas (New Albany High School) Kentucky- old school, Johnny Depp
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